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World Class Design without the World Class Price

Posted by Daltile Team on Sep 23, 2016 10:30:00 AM


As you look through your favorite magazine or scroll through Pinterest, you mentally build your house of dreams. But then reality hits. And reality doesn’t look nearly as gorgeous as the design in your head.

You have a choice. You could give up on that dream . . . or you could find a way to make it happen. A luxury bathroom covered in classic white marble could actually be in your reach and it doesn’t involve going into debt or saving every penny for the next five years. Here’s how to do it.

1. Shop Flea Markets

Buying gently used items is a great way to get luxury without a hefty price tag. You’ll be surprised what you can find if you are willing to look. Go to garage sales in upscale neighborhoods or travel a bit to hit the flea markets in the posh part of town.


2. Light for Luxury

Great lighting is the secret to an elegant look and feel. And unless you want expensive, oversized chandeliers, it doesn’t have to cost that much. Simple recessed lighting can go a long way to dressing up a space.

A nice statement pendant light or lamp is also a great idea. Look for something unique and upscale at flea markets or at the end of the year when older products are on clearance to make way for the new. You might also consider revamping an old lamp if you’re the crafty or handy type.


3. Decorate Like You Have an Interior Designer

Channel your inner designer. Or if that’s not working, try Pinterest. Find pictures of rooms with the type of décor you like then mimic it. You can also learn a bit about how designers do their thing here.

You might not get the designer discount, but you can wait for sales and clearances at nice furniture stores or keep an eagle eye on upscale consignment shops.


4. Reface for an Update

Completely replacing things like your cabinets can be costly. But if you simply reface--like putting new doors on your cabinets, placing new tile, adding new fixtures, repainting, etc.--it’s much more affordable. It's a simple way to make things look new without actually replacing them. Get a new look and feel for a fraction of the cost of a full-fledged remodel.


5. Keep It Neutral

Bright color is fun, but it’s the neutral shades that spell luxury. If you think about it, the most elegant materials like stone, wood, linen, leather, etc. are all neutral in color. Neutrals allow for details that pop and let you redo the décor any time you want to. If you want a trendy edge, try grey or a pastel. These are still neutral but have a bit more attitude.


6. Keep It Simple

Less is more. Too much can quickly become gaudy. You definitely don’t want to cross the line between luxury and garish. Elegance is defined by its clean simplicity. A good rule of thumb is to pick one thing to make the statement in the room and let everything else play a supporting role. More than one focal point and guests become overwhelmed rather than taking a seat in the comfortable lap of luxury.


7. Splurge

A New Frontier in Design

The Marble Attache line features six replicas of world-class marble in a porcelain tile.



-Turkish Skyline




Select from four sizes and two mosaics in Polished, Satin, and Matte finishes.

Sometimes it’s worth the money. There are a few items that you may just want to spend the money on. What you choose to splurge on depends on your tastes and your budget. But it’s good to try to make your splurge items ones that will also be the focal point of the room so they get the attention they deserve.


8. Employ Faux

There’s no shame in using look-alikes in your home to achieve splendor on a budget. In fact, some seek out the look-alikes because luxury items tend to have some drawbacks that look-alikes remedy.

So it is with tile. Recently launched Marble Attache is a good example of this. You can get the look of fine marbles from all over the world with all the benefits that porcelain offers like durability and cleanability.


Get your house of dreams without making compromises. Take a closer look at tile that will help you achieve that luxury look without blowing the budget.


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