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Wood-Look Tile in Hospitality Design

Posted by Daltile Team on Sep 5, 2015 8:30:00 PM

Forest Park in White Oak 9 x 36 and Willowgrove 9 x 36

Although hospitality flooring has been more industrial or luxury-based in the past, that’s all changing. Many hotels, restaurants, and others in the hospitality industry are looking to materials that invite comfort and hominess but still retain the durability and low-maintenance of favorite flooring materials of the past.

Where stone and porcelain tile were once the popular choice, some homey looking new kids on the block are making an appearance. Namely, wood-look tile.

Wood-look tile introduces that sense of warmth that many hospitality designs are turning to, but it is also a durable porcelain tile so you don’t have to make any concessions. Here are a few benefits to love about wood-look tile’s performance in a hospitality setting.

The Same Durability You’ve Always Loved

Embracing this new design trend in hospitality flooring is far less difficult when you realize that we’re still talking about porcelain tile. It will stand up to high traffic and still look great. It will last for years on end. In fact, it will take you to the next renovation—and beyond—without a problem.

A Classic Look that Remains Timeless

Timber Glen in Hickory 6 x 24

You’ve come to rely on the toughness of porcelain so you already know that tile outlasts most of your décor. It doesn’t get ripped up because it’s in need of repair but because the space is getting an upgrade. Wood-look tile offers more than just durability in material though. It is a long-lasting look that has been popular for centuries. It is a design element that may extend the time between upgrades.

The Low-Maintenance You’ve Come to Trust

The floors in hospitality settings really take a beating. You clean them often and want flooring that stands up to everything you do to it to keep it looking great. Wood-look tile stands up to your maintenance crew, in fact it may even do a better job than you expect. Many wood-look tile options have rectified edges, which means the edges are cut to be very exact. And that means that the grout joints can be much narrower than traditional porcelain tile. When the grout is the most maintenance-demanding part of your floor, the smaller joint can make a big difference in time spent on maintenance.

Wide Planks for the Ultimate in Design


Wide planks in wood are rare and luxurious—but they are also difficult to keep looking their best. For tile, that’s not an issue so a hospitality design can incorporate the wide plank without a problem. Tile is available in planks as narrow as four inches and as wide as six or nine inches and the selection is growing all the time. Wide planks make for a sophisticated look that maintains the classic warmth of wood.

Detailed Visuals that Are Hard to Tell Apart from Wood

At first glance, wood-look tile can be very difficult to distinguish from real wood. The technology that goes into the visual designs is becoming better and better. The color and grain variation is excellent. You won’t be able to pick out a repeating pattern very easily because there may be up to a dozen different variations in a tile series. Most designs also have touchable texture that mimics wood so closely that you’ll want to run your fingers over its surface.

Yorkwood Manor in Hickory 6 x 36

Many Designs to Choose From

Pick a traditional oak look or a deep cherry plank for more classic designs, or think about an aged-look wood tile. The distressed look adds even more charm and comfort to a design. The reclaimed wood-look tiles have features that look just like cracked, aged wood with hints of chipping paint and water damage. It’s a look that is a necessity for that rustic sensibility but doesn’t increase the level of care.

Don’t be afraid to consider wood-look for your hospitality design. It fits right in with the homey trend sweeping update designs across the country and offers the same durability and timelessness you’ve come to trust.

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