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Wish You Had a Mudroom? 3 Ways to Fake It

Posted by Daltile Team on Feb 17, 2016 10:30:00 AM

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If the drippy snow boots, rogue mittens, and coats piled up at the entryway have you pining for a mudroom, but you just don’t have the space, read on. You can fake a mudroom even if you don’t think you have the room for it.

Revamp the Hallway or Entryway

Putting your mudroom close to the door everyone uses is your best bet. The further you get from where your family enters and exits, the less used your mudroom will be. The hallway or entryway is the perfect place to make a little space for your faked mudroom.

Tips for a Functional Mudroom:

  • Start by simply letting the mess happen for a few days so you can observe your family’s patterns and habits. This little study will help you understand what your family needs so you can design a functional mudroom that’s customized to the people in your house.

  • Select materials that are easy to maintain because they are going to take a beating. Tile is an excellent option. It’s easy to install in smaller spaces and stands up to the moisture and dirt that gave the mudroom its name.

  • Think vertically when creating your mudroom. In small spaces, a lot of your square footage is out of your line of sight. Thinking vertically also helps you place storage at heights where the kids can access it easier. Hooks at different heights make room for longer adult coats and other items that need more vertical space.

Hang some hooks on the wall for backpacks and coats at heights where your kids can reach. Paint one wall with chalkboard paint so you can keep track of chores, appointments, and any other little reminders and love notes you want them to see.

If you have a coat closet in the hallway, consider removing the door and transforming it into your command center complete with a bench and a place to store shoes.

Nab a Corner of the Garage

The space right outside the door in the garage is the perfect place to fake a mudroom. It is protected from the elements and stops mud from coming in the door.

Formalize the space by finishing it with sheetrock and some paint. A little décor encourages your family to take the new mudroom seriously and think of it as an extension of the house. The trick here is to make it comfortable and inviting, unlike the rest of the garage, so all the stuff finds a home.

Try hooks and baskets for winter wear and a comfortable bench to sit on while removing shoes. Cubby holes are a great way to ensure shoes don’t get out of control.

Rethink the Laundry Room, Butler’s Pantry, or Closet

Is there a space in your home that might double as your mudroom? The laundry room might be the perfect place since it is already equipped to withstand messy situations. Add a few elements to one wall like the hooks, lockers, and storage bins that define the mudroom and voila! You have a mudroom!

The pantry can do the same thing. There is generally a lot of storage in the pantry so perhaps some of it can do the work of the mudroom. Consider removing some of the cabinet doors for easier access and storage for everyday things like shoes.

Converting a coat closet is probably the easiest way to fake a mudroom. Remove the door and turn it into another miniature room. Sometimes a little bit of space can go a long way to organizing your family’s comings and goings.

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