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Win the Pumpkin Carving Contest with These 3 Things

Posted by Daltile Team on Oct 21, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Pumpkin carvingFeeling competitive this Halloween season? Grab your pumpkin spice latte and pull up a chair. Let’s talk about three simple things you can do to win the pumpkin carving contest this year.

The Right Pumpkin

With no two pumpkins the same, you must find the exact right one for your project. Whether you get inspiration from the shape of your pumpkin or you buy the pumpkin to suit the design already in your head, the right pumpkin can mean the difference between success and failure. Once you find a good one, turn it all the way around to inspect each surface of the pumpkin. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a pumpkin that has a weird bump on the back. Set it on the ground to see how it sits. A pumpkin that leans to one side is only a good thing if you planned it that way.

Besides getting the right shape and size, you’ll want to closely inspect your pumpkin to ensure it will last through the season. Dents, scratches, soft spots, and loose stems might mean your pumpkin will be drooping before Halloween arrives.

The Right Tools

Those “pumpkin carving” tools you see in the stores? Yeah, those probably aren’t the right tools. You have things in your kitchen right now that will do the job. So don’t buy anything new.

Ice cream scoops are great for the pumpkin innards. A variety of knives comes in handy. A large one for the basic carving, smaller knives for the detail work. Experiment with the knives in your drawer that you might not use very much. Boning knives and paring knives are great. Keyhole saws are handy too—though you might have to go buy that one.

The Right Idea

Start by reading the rules. Great ideas can easily be spoiled if you overlook even one rule. Often there are rules about pumpkin size/weight and themes, not to mention how to enter your creation. To get one step ahead, look for judging criteria or find out what judges are looking for. Your entry won’t even get a second look if you have not met either the rules or the criteria.

Once you know what you can and can’t do, find a winning idea. You can start with Pinterest or Google images, but add your own flair too. If you copy something you find online, you can be pretty sure somebody else did the exact same thing. Make the design unique—truly one-of-a-kind.


Good luck! And Happy Halloween from Daltile.

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