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Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Put Green Home Construction on the Back Burner

Posted by Daltile Team on Feb 20, 2015 6:00:00 AM

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The popularity of green home construction is expected to double between 2013 and 2016 (according to McGraw Hill Construction’s SmartMarket report). That’s a market you can’t afford to put on the back burner. 

Why Green Matters to Your Clients

Green isn’t simply about energy efficiency and decreased cost anymore. It’s becoming a matter of morals and values. That means that your clients are willing to pay more for green building. In fact, the Nielsen’s “Doing Well by Doing Good” report found that tens of thousands of consumers are willing to pay a higher price tag to hire companies that are dedicated to preserving the environment.

By 2016, green construction will take up 33% of the building market. Projections aside, current research on consumer behavior does show a 2% annual increase in sales for brands that put sustainability claims on their packaging. And a 5% increase in sales for companies who tout sustainability actions (according to Builder Magazine, Nov. 2014).

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How to Get with the Green Movement

It’s clear that green matters to your clients. So what can you do that won’t require you to revamp your entire marketing plan? Here are a few ideas from Builder Magazine.

Give Your Value Proposition a Bump

Let your clients know that green homes do offer better value than your everyday construction. They are more efficient, cost less in the long run, and have a dramatically decreased impact on the environment.

Be Optimistic about Sustainability

Too many statements from builders about green building convey a sense of “you’re going to pay through the nose, but a green home will pay for itself a couple years down the road.” The new sensibility that green is morally correct calls for you to speak differently. Highlight the value added and the real benefits so your clients don’t feel like they’re making a sacrifice, but getting what they want.

Make Sustainability Real

Sometimes living sustainably is a pipe dream for your clients. They want it but don’t know how to do it. Show them how by presenting tangible benefits like how they will feel knowing how many trees they are saving, how much healthier their family will be, or how their neighbors have actually contributed to the grid instead of drawn from it.

Provide the Right Services and Products

You’ve talked it up, now it’s time to deliver. Offer the technology, design, and features they want. You’ll have to put personal preference aside and really listen to what your clients and the market in general wants.

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What Daltile Does to Help

We’re here to support you in your green building initiatives. Daltile GreenWorks program allows you to find local manufacturing to cut down on transportation, get a LEED certification letter for our recycled materials, and search our catalog with green criteria. Many of the tiles we offer contribute to an environmentally responsible design.

Get to know Greenworks and jumpstart your green building programs.


Learn More about Greenworks & LEED




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