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Why You Need to Keep Your Architect Around for the Construction Phase

Posted by Daltile Team on Sep 17, 2015 9:53:49 PM

8 Reasons


If you think that the architect’s job is done after the blueprints are handed over, you’ve been misinformed.

Architects receive training in design, engineering, and project management. They are often the first one on the scene and they understand your building and project better than anyone.
Architects can manage your project by getting bids, selecting the contractors, managing the budget, and ensuring all the work is done well and on time. If you are just redoing the bathroom, it may not be imperative. But if your project is larger or structurally complex, an architect is indispensable.

Here are 8 reasons you definitely need to keep your architect around for the whole project.

#1 Architects Have Specialized Training

An architect has different training from a designer or contractor, but understands a lot about each of their roles. Plus they deal with logistics like zoning, site studies, code compliance, etc. that other contractors might be less familiar with.

Check into architects who are AIA certified. A certified architect is required to keep current with professional standards and receive continuing education every year. They also subscribe to a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct that ensures your project will be handled with care.

#2 Architects May Actually Save You MoneyCourtesy of ballabeyla and Dollar Photo Club

Getting your plans drawn up is only the beginning. Most architects charge a percentage of the total project cost to stay on and it’s well worth it. Architects receive training in project management so they are pros at keeping the budget on track. They negotiate with trusted colleagues in the industry who deliver quality at a fair price.

Architects embrace sustainability. Therefore, efficiency and durability are top of mind. You can expect to save money in the long run because the materials and practices an architect uses, responsibly maximizes resources.

#3 Architects Keep Your Project on Schedule

Planning is at the core of the architect’s job. The old saying goes that an ounce of preparation is worth a pound of perspiration and that’s definitely applicable here. He’ll help you define what you need and what it’s going to take to accomplish it. She’ll make sure your investment is maximized. He has the big picture and will make sure everything stays on track to realize that picture.

Building and remodeling are messy processes and your architect acts as the buffer between you and all the chaos. She’s your advocate and representative.

#4 Architects are Collaborative

Architects work with all sorts of contractors. And they work cooperatively. If an unexpected change comes up, the contractor and architect work together to figure out all the ramifications of the change—including costs, scheduling, and the effect on the structure. Contractors and architects fill in each other’s gaps so you end up with a job well done.

Architects and interior designers are great partners too. Together they have the overall vision of the look of the finished project. The architect makes sure the structure style harmonizes with the vision of the interior design.

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#5 Architects Have the Big Picture

The knowledge an architect has of your project is one of the key reasons to keep him around. Each decision reflected in the blue prints was made for a specific reason and changes made by contractors can end up having a bigger influence than intended.

With the big picture, an architect can provide the background so decisions can be made that won’t end up costing you more time and money.

#6 Architects Are Pros at Restorations

If your home is historic or you are trying to restore certain aspects of your home, an architect is the way to go. She will study the structure and find a way to retain the design you love so much plus make it better than it was before. Don’t let your home crumble around you, get an architect to help the contractor ensure your historic treasures remain intact.Featured in THE NEW AMERICAN HOME

#7 Architects Provide Excellent ROI

Well-designed and constructed homes get higher resale values and sell quickly. Architects ensure good design and construction so you can affirm that your investment will have a good return. He also knows materials well and will help you find the perfect fit that will look great and last a long time, which is a valuable perk for buyers.

#8 Architects Are Great at Green

Most architects have an eye for green building and sustainable practices. If you want to reduce the use of energy consumption in your home or decrease your carbon footprint, an architect will gladly help out. In fact, he’ll probably bring ideas to the table you never even thought about.


You are never alone if you have an architect. When all is said and done, architects are most valuable to homeowners because they are advocates during the construction phase. It’s worth it to have someone who’s dedicated to your project, your budget, and your timeline the same way you are. Make an architect a part of your team from beginning to end.

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