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Why Blush Is a Hit: from the Backsplash Tile to the Sofa

Posted by Daltile Team on Aug 8, 2015 7:30:00 AM

Last year, a lovely color hit the runways that became an immediate trend: blush. The rosy hue has seeped from the fashion world into interior design and now it’s a must-have for everything from the living room couch to the kitchen backsplash.

Blush Tile

Glass Mosaics in Pale Pink

These neutral, beig-y, apricot-pinks are the perfect backdrop for stunning design. They add a little of the unexpected to your neutral color palette but are soft-spoken enough to welcome lots of other colors and textures to the party. Here are a few wall, floor, and backsplash tiles that fit the bill for your blush color scheme.

Meet Pale Pink (Blush) from the Glass Mosaics™ series. The glass material in this tile are melted and blended to create an opalized-look. They come ¾ x ¾ mosaic in a molded or hand-cut style and are mounted on removable paper sheets adhered to the front of the tile for easy installation. 

carnation_pinkThey are weatherproof so they’re good for outdoor applications like a pool liner or patio accent wall (check product specs for application guidelines). But they also make a great backsplash or even mosaic countertop in the kitchen or bathroom. 

This is Carnation Pink from our Semi Gloss™ series. It is an beautiful mosaic tile that makes your walls, countertops, and pools a cut above the rest. You can further add to your design with coordinating border and corner tiles.

This rich shade makes a spectacular tile to add some interest to your color scheme.

Rittenhouse Square in Crisp LinenRittenhouse Square™ in Crisp Linen is a barely-there hue with a sunny base and just a hint of blush. It’s just enough color to elevate your walls from boring white to a warm, inviting space ready for anything.

It’s the perfect neutral because it isn’t too pink, yellow, or brown to attract attention to itself. It provides a sense of atmosphere that doesn’t detract from the highlights of your design.

Rittenhouse Square™ is easy to coordinate in any design because of the versatility of the tile. They are available in matte or semi-gloss finishes and are great for an understated wall or a companion for a flashy backsplash tile mosaic. It is perfect for a contemporary subway tile application in 2 x 4, 2 x 6, or 3 x 6. It can also be used for pool linings and countertops.Travertine in Baja Cream

This natural stone, called travertine in Baja Cream, has unique patterns and colors and can define a space with distinction. Though natural products are never as consistent as porcelain tiles in color and pattern, that is part of their characteristic charm. This warm blush cream-based stone has hints of brown and gray that make it the perfect material for a number of color schemes.

Travertine requires a bit of extra care to maintain its beauty. Natural pits and cracks in the stone are filled with a resin to make the stone smooth and resistant to chipping. Your job is to seal the travertine annually with a good stone sealer. Keep the stone clean and avoid staining by cleaning up liquid spills and acids quickly.

THE NEW AMERICAN HOME Photo features Travertine in Baja Cream custom cut to 6 x 18

Using Blush in Your Design

Blush harmonizes with so many colors and designs; you can do just about anything with it. Here are a few ideas for incorporating blush into your design.


Blush has undertones of beige and apricot. At times it almost looks like antique white bathed in the light of a setting sun. The warmth and almost aged look of blush makes for a lovely monochromatic palette in a traditional style.

The monochromatic blush scheme can include variations on a large scale. Creamy whites, gold, pastel yellow, beige, and a light rose all channel the same hue and blend into a beautiful monochrome that feels classic and inviting.

Floral Patterns

Blush is a common shade in nature and floral patterns go well it. It complements the dusty greens of late summer and goes well with pink, red, and purple flowers; especially roses and peonies.

Floral doesn’t have to mean actual flowers, but anything that hints of the graceful curves only nature can produce. Blush is frequently a backdrop for curvy scrolls, scallops, and garlands.

Modern Blush

Blush almost always brings with it an antique sense in interior design, but there are plenty of ways to increase its depth and cool it down for a more modern sensibility.

Yellow and orange-based animal prints enrich and enliven blush. A great leopard print throw pillow against a blush sofa tones down the sweetness of the blush and brings it up to the 21st century.

Combining dark metallic and gray is another way to tone down blush and modernize it. These tones bring out the apricot and cream hues in the blush and transforms the room. Even black isn’t too far-fetched a combination for blush. Stick to the darker grays, as this delicate color needs solid anchoring.

Metallics, mirrors, and crystals introduce more light, which serves to soften the orange in blush and cool it down for a crisp modern look.

Dark and Rich

A pink-y blush blends well with darker colors like oxblood, marsala, burnt umber, and dusky lavender. Rich, dark woods in the furniture or heavy looking metals like pewter or iron also enrich a darker color scheme.

In the dark room, blush lightens the mood but remains true to the depth of the design. It actually deepens the other colors and accents in the room at the same time as introducing more light into it.

Blush Accents

Though blush is calming, if used too much or without other accents, it can become overwhelming—like resting in the infamous poppy field on the way to meet the Wizard of Oz.

Instead of washing your space in blush, consider using just a small amount as an accent. You’ll get the same warming effect with a few throw pillows or a backsplash as you would with blush as the base of your room.  It’s powerful stuff. Try a single piece of blush furniture in the living room or a backsplash tile mosaic with blush components.

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