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Which Spring Home Projects are Worth It?

Posted by Daltile Team on Apr 19, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Where to Spend Your Dollars on Home Improvement this spring

After the winter flurries pass and the Ides of March blow over, you’re more than ready to get your spring home improvement projects started. But before you go, buy a bunch of flowers for the front walkway or decide to redo the deck, consider where your money will go the furthest.

Some projects are guaranteed to return and others are just black holes. Here’s some help deciding where to put your attention.
The YardDignitary 2cm pavers on the walkway

Increasing your curb appeal is always a great investment. It generally increases the value of your home. But when it comes to landscaping, many projects are temporary. Take planting flowers. Forbes reports that the cost of plants adds up quickly and there are no guarantees. If you have a larger yard, not only is the price tag high, but you might need a landscaper to do the work for you and that means even more money.

That doesn’t mean landscaping isn’t a good investment though. Just modify your approach to get the most out of your money.

  • Plant seeds instead of established plants. They are far less expensive and with a little patience, do a great job increasing your yard’s appeal.

  • Invest in hardscaping. Permanent elements of your yard are better investments than plants that come and go. Install a tile paver walkway or edge your flowerbeds with curbing.

  • Lawn care, like aerating, fertilizer, and weed control, go a long way to make your lawn look better. They are low-cost, high-yield investments. Professional lawn care throughout the summer ensures your yard will look 100% all season.

  • Instead of flowers in your beds, try something that is a bit more permanent and less labor-intensive like shrubs and mulch. They look good but don’t require much work or money.
The Deck

Redoing the deck is a risky proposition. Many homeowners end up replacing he deck rather than renovating it. The deck isn’t a project that usually gets 100% return so it’s more about the value you personally get out of it rather than any financial benefit.

Travertine on the pool deck

As long as you’re rebuilding the deck, consider options that will extend the life of your new deck. Outdoor-rated tile can be a great alternative to wood or composite decking materials and can, in some instances, last much longer.

The Front Door

Year after year, studies show that replacing the front door is an investment that always returns well. It’ a quick and easy update that can totally change the look and feel of your home.

Surprisingly, you can spend a lot of money on doors, especially if you need a custom size or want a luxury material. A good fit is an absolute necessity so you can’t skimp there, but you do have some options on materials where you can save a few bucks.

Fiberglass doors are made to look like wood, but come at a fraction of the price. You’ll probably also get a lifetime warranty. Steel doors are even more affordable but don’t have that wood look. Instead, opt for painting the steel door a bold color to give it a boost.

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