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What Your Design Color Palette Says About You

Posted by Daltile Team on Jun 26, 2015 6:00:00 AM

The color scheme you use in your home says a lot about who you are. The colors on your walls, floors, countertops, and furniture can influence the atmosphere in your home. Some even might say that it dictates your moods. Whether we’re talking about the color of the front door or the color of the subway tile on your kitchen backsplash—choose the palette for the right atmosphere.

Here are a few design trends that are heavily influenced by color and the messages you send along with them.

Yacht Club in Top Sail 6 x 24 in a staggared pattern on the floor with stone Radiance random mosaic in Morning Sun/Tortoise/Mushroom on the backsplash

Black and White Kitchens

When you are considering a design for the long-term, you have to pick colors that won’t date your kitchen and will take it through many fads and trends.

High-contrast black and white kitchens have been popular since the movie Something’s Gotta Give popularized the look. Black and white is timeless and always stylish, which make this color scheme a classic choice that stands the test of time.

As a color, black is authoritative and confident. It isn’t a color often used in décor because it can be overpowering if not handled correctly. White represents cool, clean, pure, and reflective sensibilities. It became popular in the kitchen just after the turn of the 20th century when the public obsessed over bacteria and keeping it out of the kitchen. Lots of sterile white design entered the kitchen, most notably, white subway tile.

What does a black and white color scheme say about you?

This type of kitchen tells visitors that you are clean, organized, and contemporary with roots in the classics. You try to channel balance, neutrality, calm, and order in your designs and in your life.

Kimona Silk in Chai Tea 2 x 24 on the wall and 2 x 2 on the bench

Earth-Toned, Spa-Influenced Bathrooms

Why not create a space in your own home where you can relax and enjoy the spa experience without leaving home? As one of the most used rooms in the house, homeowners have started to turn to spa-like designs in the bathroom for a relaxing atmosphere.

Designs include earth tones and calming neutral and dusty colors alongside flora and fauna patterns. Live plants and even vertical garden walls are common in the spa-inspired bathroom. Most designs also include natural materials like granite countertops, marble walls, and tumbled stone backsplash.

Browns of different shades are a popular color choice for these bathrooms. These neutrals represent the earth, abundance, and reliability. Brown can promote thoughtfulness. Greens introduce a sense of the natural more than any other color. They are easy on the eye and invite relaxation. Green is calming and refreshing. In times past, it was representative of fertility and still carries the idea of wealth and luck.

What does a spa-like color scheme say about you?

A naturally-inspired bathroom in your home says you want to relax and reconnect with nature for harmony and revitalization. You’re looking for prosperity both emotionally and physically.

Color Wave in Purple Magic 1 x 1 mosaic with Cristallo Glass Black Opal 3 x 8 chair rail and 3/4 x 8 bead liner

Jewel-Toned, Zen Living Areas

Zen is not a concept for just one room of the house. Zen and Feng Shui work—and are even necessary—for any living space. This Asian school of design for peace and tranquility doesn’t have to keep to neutral colors, but employs vibrant and rich jewel tones that inspire patterns and accents that draw attention. Zen is as much about enlightenment as it is about tranquility.

The color scheme of Zen spaces include mustard, deep red, jade green, and royal purples. This type of color design also uses metallic and pearl-esque finishes especially gold and mother-of-pearl. In Japanese culture—one of the places Zen originated—red is a powerful color that represents excitement, strength, and passion. Yellow enhances concentration and speeds metabolism. It is often associated with optimism. Purple is a rare color in nature and is therefore a highly valued color. It hints at luxury, wealth, and sophistication. Because of that, it can also be hard to pull off because some purples look artificial.

What does a Zen color scheme say about you?

If you like Zen design you are probably someone who values tradition and tries to breathe life into your day by surrounding yourself with inspiration. You value inner peace and passionate living. 

Matte in Desert Gray and Pearl White on the tabletop

Gray and Blue Kitchen

The gray and blue kitchen is an up and coming design that invites productivity and peace. Often, designs use different textures and finishes to add interest to this understated color scheme. You’ll see combinations of high-gloss next to matte and hand-scraped looks next to glass-smooth surfaces.

Gray is the new black, and the new white. It has replaced the most popular neutral colors with a vengeance. It goes with everything and has a wide range of shades to choose from. Some shades include color, like sage green. Gray with beige mixed in harmonizes two major neutral colors and gives gray warmth that creates a comfortable space. Gray incites little emotion because it is so basically neutral. It is the color of compromise and impartiality. It is stable and solid, quiet, and reserved—a perfect backdrop for other elements to be showcased on.

Blue is a natural companion to gray, especially if the blue has gray undertones. Blue is one of the most popular colors for interior design because it is so tranquil. Scientific studies have found that the color blue actually causes the brain to produce calming chemicals. It also brings in a natural element that puts you in mind of sky and ocean.

What does a gray and blue color scheme say about you?

You want a truly neutral kitchen where the color doesn’t take center stage but provides a platform for other exciting elements to be the focus. You channel the peace of the coming and going of the waves on a beach or the passing of clouds through a bright sky.

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