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What Women Want In Home Design:  Secrets Revealed

Posted by Daltile Team on Feb 9, 2016 10:30:00 AM

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If you suddenly found that you, like Mel Gibson’s character Nick Marshall in What Women Want, could hear women’s thoughts, it would be easy to give them the house of their dreams. Turns out you don’t have to do any mind-reading to know what they want in the home.

Some female designers and women-centric housing market professionals let their entire businesses revolve around this very concept. Keep reading to find out the secrets that will make the woman in your life crazy about your home design!


It is mostly women who make the decisions when it comes to buying a home or firming up design plans for a new home or renovation.  And that’s because they know what they want and what they require. The whole process should start with finding out what she has to say about what her must-haves are.

It is also very telling to ask her about what she dislikes about her current home design. This helps pinpoint issues that need solving.


One of a woman’s primary concerns is how she will live, work, and function in a prospective space. She’s going to love features in home design that address her day-to-day pet peeves and make life simpler.

Many women despise the fact that their family members walk through the door and drop their stuff on the kitchen cabinet or in the middle of the living room floor. Design a stop-and-drop area in the most used entry way where shoes, backpacks, keys, mail, and coats have a convenient and immediate place to live.Urban Metals in Stainless Geo tile accent with Veranda in Zinc on the wall

Laundry is another difficulty that women care about. Many home designs put the laundry room near the rear foyer where it’s the first thing she meets when she arrives home after a long day at work. Try putting the laundry room near the bedrooms and put a door on it so she can shut the mess inside until she is ready to deal with it.


Many women need plenty of smart storage space so life can be clutter-free rather than messy and stress-producing.

Endlessly huge cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom may seem like a great idea at first, but they tend to swallow items and become disorganized easily. Well-thought through storage is better than tons of mindless storage.

Take the Lazy Susan, for example. If you want to lose something this is the place to do it. There’s too much unused and inaccessible space. A better option is a cabinet with pull-out racks so there’s visibility without the inefficiency.

Another useless feature is those false front drawers in front of sinks. Turn them into handy storage spaces by installing tilt-front drawers. They don’t provide much space, but it’s just enough for a curling iron or other small appliance that might get lost in larger drawers or cabinets.THE NEW AMEICAN HOME


Women are swayed by home designs that provide a decompression zone—someplace to call her own where she can relax and unwind from her busy week. Often this is seen in luxurious master bathrooms complete with soaking tub and a sound system.

For others, it might be a large kitchen to cook in. And for others still, it might be a library with fireplace. Whatever helps her relax should be a part of your plans.


To a woman, it’s all in the details. Thoughtfulness works as well on Valentine’s Day as it does when working on home design. When you think it through and add in those little details, she’ll notice. The details are what make her world tick.


We’ve made some generalizations here, actually, this whole post is based on generalizations. So if you have some great ideas we missed, we’d love to hear them. Tell us what you’d love to have in your home design in the comments below.

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