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Waterjet Works and Daltile Take It Up a Notch at Kingsville, TX High School

Posted by Daltile Team on Aug 4, 2015 7:00:00 PM

H.M. King High School—“Home of the Mighty Brahmas” in Kingsville, TX—is many things. But when you walk through the door, the first thing you’ll think is how beautiful the new design is. That has a lot to do with a new intricate floor design created by Waterjet Works with Daltile porcelain products.

The work that goes into a project like this is intricate—we’re talking hundredths of an inch exact—and requires attention to detail. It is a necessity to keep things organized because one wrong cut or one misplacement can throw off the whole thing.

Brahma mascot by Waterjet WorksThe H.M. King High School Brahmas mascot design laid out on the fabrication floor before being shipped to the site. Little green tags mark the number of the piece in the project map and will remain with the piece until the installer removes them. The entire design was made with Daltile porcelain products.

Vice President of Waterjet Works, Nicholas Kunofsky, explains the process like this, “We are enormous puzzle makers. It’s like a 10,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. You might spend the rest of your life trying to assemble something like that, but instead it comes with a plan—a map—and the pieces are organized into sections so you’re set up for success. ”

The H.M. King High School project used Daltile porcelain products from the Veranda Solids™ series. It is a Colorbody™ porcelain with rectified edges which are more exact and a favorite of Waterjet Works because of the demand for preciseness. It is also rated for exterior use so it stands up to high-traffic and tough conditions.

Veranda Solids in SunlightVeranda Solids in FogVeranda Solids in Gunmetal

The depth of the visual on this tile lends sophistication to the design and makes it feel fun in a grown up sort of way. It isn’t a simple flat colored tile that you might see in an elementary school setting. It has movement and variation in the coloring that gives it a textured look that reminds you of leather, pearls, or steel.

The lettering, stars, and background were done in Sunlight. The Brahma bull was done in Fog with Gunmetal highlights.  The mascot is encircled by a ring of Gunmetal.

The design was laid out in 12 x 24 tile segments which retains the cohesiveness of a brick joint tile layout. The Gunmetal ring is cut in wedges which draw the eye to the center of the design.

Brahma mascot made in Daltile's Veranda Solids porcelain tile
Though each tiny piece that makes up the bull was painstakingly designed, cut, and assembled, parents and students alike overlook the intricacy and only see their new high school as a place that identifies who they are as a student body and a place they love to be.

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