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Want to Sell Your House? Avoid These Remodel Mistakes

Posted by Daltile Team on May 26, 2015 11:00:00 AM

National Home Remodel Month Series, Part 7

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You’re updating old appliances and overhauling the bathroom all so you can sell your house quickly and get more out of it when you do. While a remodel is a usually a great idea, some choices can tank your prospects and decrease your home’s value. Here are three to avoid.

1.    Bold is a Mistake

Even if paint isn’t that expensive or difficult to change, many homebuyers can’t see beyond the black walls in your kitchen. Bold design choices steal the show and nobody sees what the walls could be; only what they are.

Stick to neutral on the foundations of the room like walls, floors, cabinets, and countertops. Pick colors and textures that form a canvas for other details in the room. Let your personality and style come through in other elements of the room like the accessories and details.

Besides paint, here are a few other things that should be neutral rather than bold:

  • Tile—tile is available for walls, backsplash, and floors in endless colors, patterns, and textures. Stone is an excellent choice that any home buyer will love.

  • Wallpaper—steer clear of bold, graphic patterns. Wallpaper can be difficult to remove if potential homebuyers don’t like it, which decreases your home’s value in their eyes.

  • Light fixtures—lighting is a key feature in your home but be careful that your fixtures aren’t too showy or overly trendy. The style of permanent fixtures should be neutral.

  • Metallic—don’t mix metallic, stick to silver or gold based metallic. Gold is only just coming back into vogue so it might make your space feel dated to some homebuyers.

2.    Conversions are a Mistake

No matter how tempted you are to squeeze one more bedroom or media room out of your home, resist the urge unless you have the correct space for it. People want to make their own choices, not be forced into them. If you convert the garage into a game room, you’ve cut off valuable parking and storage space, which decreases value.

Don’t try to turn bedrooms into something they’re not either. What may seem like a perfect opportunity to build your dream walk-in closet may simply be one less bedroom to your buyers.

River Marble in Smoky River on the floor

3.    Too Much Maintenance is a Mistake

Anything that spells extra work for prospective buyers is a turn off. Unless they are looking for a fixer-upper, extra work is just extra cost.

  • Carpet—most people want wood or tile floors and prefer to bring in rugs when they want to add softness. They think that carpets—especially your carpets—are traps for germs, odors, and dirt. If you are remodeling, plan for wood or long-lasting tile in neutral colors. Better yet, consider wood-look tile and get the best of both worlds.

  • Landscaping—overdone landscaping means lots of work that most buyers will steer clear of. You may dream of an outdoor living room, just be sure to keep it simple.

  • Pool and spa—for some a pool or spa is a benefit, but the perception still prevails that pools and spas are a lot of work and difficult to remove.

Plan ahead now to make the most of your remodel. Avoid these mistakes and watch your home sell like hot cakes.

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