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Posted by Daltile Team on Aug 28, 2015 8:30:00 PM

Showscape Arabesque in Soft Gray and STylish White

Wall Tile Design and Durability

Whether you want the industrial look of cement, a classic mosaic tile backsplash, or the softness of patterned wallpaper; wall tile is the best way to get it.

Tile on the wall is usually a feature of the bathroom or kitchen. But with all the recent developments in wall tile, it is making its way into every space in the house. You’ll get the design you want plus the durability of tile.

Wall Tile Design OptionsColor Wave in Purple Magic 1 x 1 mosaic with Cristallo Glass in Black Opal 3 x 8 chair rail and 3/4 x 8 bead liner

You can put just about any tile on the wall. Wall tile doesn’t have the same restrictions as a floor tile does. There’s a lot to work with and it helps to narrow some of your options down into a few categories.


Glass, ceramic, porcelain. Metal, granite, limestone. Maybe all of the above if you want a mixed-media mosaic. Tile designers are branching out all the time to find modern materials to increase the palette of the interior designer.

The material you choose depends a lot on the overall design of your space. A reflective glass mosaic tile might attract too much attention as a kitchen wall tile. On the other hand, a matte ceramic tile can be the perfect backdrop for that beautiful stone slab countertop you want to be the center of attention.

Size and Shape

The classic 12 x 12 is an excellent choice for wall tile. But consider some of the newer shapes and sizes that can add a little something extra to your space. 1 x 1 penny rounds give you the sense of a solid colored wall, but bring the interest of individual mosaic tiles upon closer inspection. Linear tiles are making a splash right now. They give texture to a wall and add interest to your entire space.

Check out unusually shaped tiles in mosaics. They can be fun like hexagon and dot pattern. They can be elegant like Moroccan-style Arabesque tiles. Teardrops, triangles, rhombus, diamonds . . . the options in shaped tile are growing all the time.

Take subway tile to a whole new level with a different size. 3 x 6 is the traditional size for subway tile, but a 2 x 4 or 4 x 8 redefines it.  Large format tiles are any tiles over 15 inches long. These large format tiles look great on the walls especially in rectangular shapes.


Tile comes in an unprecedented amount of colors and neutrals. It can look like wood, stone, fabric, and even river pebbles. No matter what style you’re going for, there’s a perfect tile color to go with it.

Urban Metals in Bronze Geo 3 x 12 liner and Arc 1 1/2 x 12 liner in the chair rail with Veranda Rust 13 x 20 on the wall

Another thing to think about in addition to color is the finish on your tile. The finish can drastically affect the color. Polished surfaces amplify the color and variations of colors. Honed finishes soften the colors and are great for a more neutral tile. Metallic finishes add some elegant shine and luxury. Don’t forget to think about textures as you select your color scheme.

Wall Tile Durability

Wall tile is more durable than just about anything you can put on your walls. It’s strong and protects your wall. You’re not going to have to deal with chipped or scratched paint, torn wallpaper, or snagged tapestries. It even gives wood plank or cement walls a run for their money.

Tile makes walls more water resistant and stain resistant. They are easy to clean. Designers aren’t afraid to use tile as a design tool and material rather than just a functional element.

Bathroom wall tile is appreciated for its durability and beauty all over the house. Trims and accents further add to the design flexibility of wall tile.

Wall tile is where design and innovation meet for a whole new effect in your home or business. See what the beauty and durability of tile can do for you.

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