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Use Pokémon Go to Bring in the Business

Posted by Daltile Team on Jul 15, 2016 12:13:56 PM

Do you play Pokémon Go? The better question is who doesn’t? Certainly your customers are playing it so why not leverage a little Poké-magic in favor of your business?

If you need a tutorial on game play check this out. If you have the basic gist and want some extra info try this. Or turn to your nearest colleague—chances are he or she is secretly a level 17 and catches Pokémon all the time in your boss’s office.

Here are a few ideas to bring in the business with Pokémon Go.

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Lure Them In

At all PokéStops players can activate a “lure module” that attracts wild Pokémon. Where the wild things are you’ll also find plenty of Pokémon Go players on the hunt. This could also mean lots of foot traffic walking past your business.

Many businesses that were tagged as PokéStops quickly got annoyed at all the players suddenly showing up on their doorstep and battling each other in the virtual world. But others saw this as an opportunity and placed signage for special deals. Some have even invited players to show what level they are at then received a discount based on that level.

Take it a step further and make an event out of it—a lure party. Each lure lasts 30 minutes so buy a package of lure modules and keep the party going for an hour or two. Then get your marketing department on turning it into a lead gen party on the sly.

Take to the Virtual World

There’s more than one way to join in on the fun and get some ROI while you’re at it. Turn to social media to increase your online visibility. Make special offers to players who take pictures of Pokémon at your location or on your product.

Go to the Gym

Besides PokéStops, you can use a Pokémon Gym much in the same way. Gyms are like stops but bigger. Players congregate hoping to battle each other and earn more combat power and upgrade their Pokémon.

You could also host tournaments at the gym to attract more people to your establishment. Advertise the date of your tournament and go all out with offers and discounts. You could even form teams or pit your employees against the visitors.

Really there are all kinds of things you could do with Pokémon Go to promote business. Most of them are things you haven’t done in a while so have fun because that’s really the point of Pokémon Go.

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