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Tumbled Stone Backsplash: Adding a Rustic Look to Your Design

Posted by Daltile Team on Dec 31, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Fashion Accents in Illumini Sand on the backsplash with tumbled stone in Baja Cream on the counter Fashion Accents in Illumini Sand on backsplash with Tumbled Stone in Baja Cream on countertop

Looking to incorporate dramatic flair and rich layers of texture into your design? A tumbled stone backsplash may be what you're seeking. Tumbled tile is one of the most diverse and visually interesting materials you will find for your backsplash design, so get ready to be swept away by the amount of options that are available to you. This opens up many doors to great diversity and unique options. Read on for all you need to know about building a tumbled stone tile design.

What Is Tumbled Stone?

Any type of natural stone can be tumbled, including granite, travertine, slate, and marble. The look of tumbled stone is smooth and worn, and no two tiles look alike with this finish. "Tumbled" describes both the appearance of the stone and how the actual look is carried out. Manufacturers generally tumble these stones in a drum with sand, water, and rocks. This wears down the edges of the stone and gives it a soft finish. Another method is to hand-chisel the edges of the stone for the same look. This is generally used for larger tiles. Regardless of how your stone is tumbled, it will feature a muted color, which provides an old-world vibe that can match what you're hoping to achieve when creating your new tumbled stone design.

Ion Metal in Oil Rubbed Bronze on backspalsh with Marron Cohiba granite on the countertopIon Metal in Oil Rubbed Bronze on backspalsh with Marron Cohiba granite on the countertop

How to Use It

When building a tumbled stone design, such as a tumbled stone backsplash, remember that it can serve as a focal point or an artistic design element, so don't hold back. For instance, consider mixing multiple tile sizes or shades of color, or go with a natural mosaic tile pattern that features multiple different color hues. This will convey a rustic, sophisticated look that adds character to any design. You can even frame your mosaic tiles with a border tile to add a final touch of design excellence. When choosing your tumbled stone tile, consider going with one of the many options within the Limestone Collection or Travertine Collection. There are a number of options that come in a tumbled finish, giving you plenty of ways to incorporate this textured element into your home.

Getting Creative

When it comes time to select the materials for your tumbled stone backsplash, remember that your options are limitless. Mix and match various finishes, and consider combining multiple shades and sizes of tile. The more unique your combination is, the more personality your space will offer. Let your creativity guide you in the process as you incorporate elegant, sustainable tumbled stone tile into your design. When you're ready to see your options, head to your local Daltile stone showroom.

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