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Trends that Died in 2016

Posted by Daltile Team on Feb 22, 2017 4:30:00 AM

Year in Review

Wouldn’t be caught dead with an outdated design? Take a deep breath; it’s not as bad as it seems. “Most design trends are not as fleeting you might think,” says Karen Sigrist, Daltile industrial designer. Many interior design trends stick around for a while and don’t come and go with the seasons or a new year. If anything, “trends transition rather than go out completely,” Sigrist states.
Brickwork on the wall
Brickwork in Terrace

Here are a few trends that aren’t really dying, but morphing and what the new version of the trend looks like.


Chevron saw a decline during 2016. It was everywhere in 2015, but the bold pattern soon became a sight for sore eyes. Instead, go for herringbone. It’s a timeless pattern that works on everything from the floor to accents.


Pops of color were the thing in 2016 especially since you can change them out whenever you want. But that got to be too much for many homeowners. Instead of completely changing colors, try changing the tone of the color you already have. It’s enough of a change that it feels fresh, but it’s not a shocking change.

Neutrals were the name of the game in 2016 and they will always be a staple in design, but 2017 will see more rich colors. Pantone recently announced the 2017 color of the year and it’s far from neutral. Instead, deep blues and greens will be favorite feature colors and neutrals will act as the accents and backgrounds.

Grey is what it was all about in 2016 and that’s not necessarily changing in 2017, but it is evolving. Instead of the cool greys you’re used to seeing, look for warmer shades of grey like greige and other warm-toned greys.

ONE Quartz Surfaces in Nature Flecks Statuary
ONE Quartz Surfaces™ Nature Flecks in Statuary


Granite is king, or at least it has been for several decades. The consistently revolving inventory has kept granite interesting and fresh for a long time. But the new kid on the block, quartz, is convincing more and more people that it’s the way to go. It’s durability matches granite but the ability to get the looks of less durable stone like marble, makes it a very attractive choice.


The trend for accent and feature walls hasn’t even hit its peak yet. But it is evolving. Chalkboard paint on the wall may be past its prime, instead, look for cork, contemporary wallpaper, and textured tile on the wall.

Inspirational quotes or other words on the wall are getting old for designers here at the end of 2016, instead, the trend will be more toward murals and art that nods toward natural colors and textures.


Many of the favorite elements of the industrial design trend (like exposed brick and cement looks) will stick around for 2017, but the interpretation will shift. Instead, the trend will soften as it merges with bits of Victorian elegance like rich colors, velvet, and a touch of steampunk.


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