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Posted by Daltile Team on Oct 31, 2015 8:30:00 PM

Playing with Textured Tile

Spark in Toasted Luster 12 x 24 thin wall tile decorative accent

There’s no question that polished natural stone and glazed ceramic or porcelain tile look great, but the time has come for the new kids on the block to get some attention. Honed, matte, and brushed are up and coming finishes that will define design in the future, but that’s not all. Textures available in tile go far beyond finishes. It’s time to play with the possibilities.

Tone on Tone Mosaic

Mosaics today come in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and colors. Some of the newest designs include tone on tone. Tone on tone mixes textures. You might see a mosaic that has polished, matte, slightly grooved, and deeply grooved tiles all in the same mosaic. These create depth and interest on a wall or backsplash and add dimension to your design.

Featured in THE NEW AMERICAN HOME; image features split face travertine in Mediterranean Ivory

3D Tile

A rough cut, split face stone, or cladding design brings the texture to the center of attention. These give an organic and rustic feel to your space in addition to bringing the tile off the wall. Raised tiles are a daring way to defy traditional flat tile.

If you are looking for a sleeker raised tile, go for a basketweave or a polished high-low design. The high-low features mosaic-sized tiles where every other tile is either raised or recessed. This design is very clean cut and modern.

The basket weave features rounded pieces that create a three dimensional surface that provides a refined texture that is a bit more understated than the high-low.

Beveled, Accent, and Liner Tiles

A beveled tile is the simplest way to give a tile some texture. It is especially effective with subway tiles. The slight bevel around the edge of tile brings it slightly off the wall and highlights your choice in pattern. Beveled edges also are great on shaped tiles—the shape is better defined by the elevation of the center of the tile.

Cristallo Glass in Smoky Topaz 4 x 4 with vine and pencil decorative accents and Travertine in Torreon  6 x 12 field tile

Many accent tiles provide distinctive texture that adds to any tile design. Accent tiles can feature a bas relief type art work highlighting a classic motif, flower, or fruit. They are used minimally throughout the design and provide a focal point.

Liner tiles finish off a tile installation with flair. They can be used as chair rails, baseboards, and corner pieces. They can top off a backsplash or act as an accent tile. Choose a bead, rope, or a simple rounded edge liner to set your tile design off.

Illusion of Texture

Industry advances allow manufacturers to offer tiles that have the illusion of more texture than is actually there. Wood-look and stone-look tiles appear so realistic in texture that they beg to be touched. Fabric inspired tiles mirror their linen and silk counterparts so well that you get the sense of texture without actually having much.

The trick with these illusions is an ink jet system so advanced that it glazes the tile with highlights and lowlights that give a sense of a play of light off different surfaces. It’s this technology that has bolstered tile as a frontrunner for flooring surfaces.

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