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Tips for Creative Lighting

Posted by Daltile Team on Jan 16, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Glass Pebbles in Ivory Iridescent on the wall

Lighting can make or break a room. With the right lighting you can transform a basic design into a stunning one. Take some time to make sure you think through your lighting with a creative mindset to get the right mood and functionality. Here are five tips to improve your lighting design.

1.    Dimmers

Dimmers are great for rooms that have multiple functions. Take the living room, for instance. You might need lots of bright light during the day for you most recent crafting project. But at night you might use the space as your personal movie theater.

Dimmers are the simplest way to get the best of both worlds. All you have to do is install the dimmer switch and voila! Another way to get diffused light during the evening hours is with lamps. Choose incandescent bulbs and shades in materials that soften the light.

Think about dimmers for rooms that you normally wouldn’t think of for dimmed light. There’s nothing better than dimmed lights and a few candles while you soak in a spa-like bath.

2.    Pendants and Sconces

In their own way, pendant lights and sconces are mood-setting. They provide soft but directed light that accents ambient light. Use them alone to create a romantic evening. Or enhance them with other mood lighting for a festive atmosphere.

Pendant lights and sconces also give you the opportunity to introduce style into your design. Select fun and colorful light fixtures that add a pop of color or an interesting centerpiece to the space. They are small and less permanent than your floor tile or wall paint so you can easily add a hint of freshness simply by changing them out when you need an update.

Spark in Firelight Flicker 12 x 24 wall tile

3.    Task Lighting

You are used to thinking of task lighting as merely functional, but it can be so much more. Add a new dimension to your décor by adding lighting around your favorite piece of art. Sconces on either side of a larger piece make a statement.

Adjustable spotlights attached to the ceiling and aimed and art work is another way to create this same effect. Think of light as being both functional and aesthetic and you’ll find a new way to light your rooms.

4.    Reading Light

Table lamps take up a lot of space on your bedside table. Try sconces on the wall next to the bed instead. You get to use your bedside table for your alarm clock and other necessities and still have the ability to read in bed.

The smaller sconces are also a good solution if your partner is bothered by your nighttime reading. The sconces spread less light around the room but are enough for a healthy amount of reading light.

5.    Outdoor Lighting

Change your evenings outdoors into magical celebrations with a little light. A string of twinkle lights and some battery operated votives are all it takes to make your patio feel more like a lanai in the middle of paradise.

Something as simple as mason jars can transform a few votives into romantic lanterns. A fire pit is the ultimate centerpiece in outdoor entertaining and it too provides mood lighting.

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