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Tinted Grout: Make Your Tile Stand Out

Posted by Daltile Team on Nov 27, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Stone Mosaics in Crema Marfil Baroque

For many people, grout is a necessary evil. Some even do everything they can so they have a minimum of grout to deal with. But grout can become an interesting accent or even the highlight of a design. With a little creativity and some daring-do, your unique grout can make your tile stand out.

Consider the Options

Most grout comes in fairly neutral shades. But grout is now becoming a statement. You can find grout with a glittery effect or even grout that glows in the dark. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always turn to grout stains, colored grout sealer, and powdered dye to add to the grout mix.

Create a rainbow of grout colors to make your most colorful tile designs come true.

Bring Out the Shape

If you have chosen a shaped tile, a colored grout (or at least a contrasting grout) is the only way to go. The beautiful shape of your tile gets lost unless it is offset by the grout. Show off that lantern-shape tile with a grout that won’t let it fade into the background.

Stone Mosaics in Carrara White Ovals

White subway tile can also benefit from a unique grout. The color makes the tile pop off the wall, especially if you have a beveled tile.

Make More Out of Less

How much grout you use depends on the size of your tile. If you have a large format tile, you’ll have much less grout. With a small mosaic, you’ll use much more grout. But more grout doesn’t equal a brighter effect.

Surprisingly, tinted grout shows up better with larger tiles. This is probably due to the fact that you can have a wider grout joint. Likewise, colored grout with a mosaic tends to allow the grout to blend in a bit more. So if you want a pronounced effect with your colored grout, go for a larger tile. If you want the color to take more of a supporting role, go with a smaller tile.


Transform Boring to Bright

Who doesn’t love a black or white color scheme? However, an all-white bathroom can start to feel sterile. Some tinted grout adds a pop of color that transforms a white space into something more interesting.

Black tile can benefit from color as well. Black or dark tiles are excellent next to a glittery grout. The dark colored tile lets the sparkly grout be the center of attention when the light is just right.

Retro Rounds in Saddle Brown

Take Caution

When you start going bold with color, be sure to plan out your design carefully. Bold color demands special care. You can be a bit more relaxed with neutrals, but if you choose a colored grout, you’re committed. You’ll want to plan the other elements of your design so that everything works together.

Generally speaking, colored grout works best in spaces where you choose neutrals for most of the rest of the design. You can add a secondary color to complement the grout, but beyond that, you’ll want to stick to more neutral colors in the rest of the design.


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