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Tile Trend Alert: Cement Look Tile

Posted by Daltile Team on Oct 13, 2015 8:30:00 PM

Not Just for Industrial Design Anymore

Elements of the loft are finding their way into everyday interior design more and more all the time. Exposed brick and polished cement define a style. But in the spirit of contemporary design, cement isn’t limited to the loft or industrial design. It can be a part of your home too.

Introducing cement-look tile—the crossroads between raw industrial and refined design. Many feel that the cement look is too stark to be at home in most residential settings. However, designs go beyond plain cement to include more sophisticated visuals. The tile may look just like cement, but it takes the next step and makes it perfect for the streamlined industrial sentiment in your home.

Cotto Contempo in Wall Street 12 x 24

Smooth, Classic Concrete-Look Tile

Imagica in Vision unpolished 12 x 24

If you go for the traditional cement look with smooth coloration and little variation, you’ll like Daltile’s Exhibition™. They both have smooth color and neutral matte or polished cement colors. Available in cool and warm tones, either of these are an excellent addition to your design.

Large format tiles are a popular choice for a cement floor tile look. You can find them in sizes up to 32 x 32, which is larger than most tiles, and adds to the spare industrial feel.

Creative, Trendy Cement-Look Tile  

Open to something a little more unique for your cement-look floor? High-tech visual imaging and inkjet printing allows the tile industry to create some amazing looks on porcelain tiles. Take the concrete look to the next level by adding some texture or variation.

Daltile’s Cotto Contempo™ layers clean-lined cement with aged cotto for a look that has the interest of a reclaimed floor. Diamante™ has beautiful color variation that hints at natural stone, but is clearly a polished cement look.

Take it even further with a plank size tile. The linear shape is a popular choice for wood-look tile, but is making its way into all types of tile. Imagica™ is a great choice and comes in planks 4, 6, or 8 inches in width and 48 inches long. Mix and match widths to add even more interest.

Diamante in Parma 12 x 24

It’s Tile, But It Doesn’t Look Like Tile

Tile is characterized by grout lines. It’s the part of tile most people dread, especially if you’re trying to mimic another material that would never have joints like tile does. Daltile’s TruEdge technology rectifies the edges of the tile so each is exact. Exact edges mean that the grout joint can shrink—sometimes to as little as 3/16 of an inch.

Concrete Connection™ is a great example of this. The tiles can be placed so close together that you’ll barely notice there’s a joint at all. You’ll get the durability of porcelain and the look of cement all in one.


Cement isn’t just for industrial design any more. New developments in tile design and technology are making cement look tile a perfect fit for your home. Check it out today!

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