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Tile That Crosses Over Boundaries

Posted by Daltile Team on Nov 24, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Ever wish you had something up your sleeve that would be a favorite for your commercial clients and might just turn a few residential heads as well? Something that is classic yet contemporary, and offers a perfect color palette? Something that exudes luxury, professionalism, and yet is welcoming and comfortable? Something that is a winner with just about everyone?

Willow Decker, Architectural Representative for Daltile in San Diego, briefly joined the product team to assist in the development and launch of commercial tile that will meet many of those needs. Stone Attaché is her favorite of the new products because of its adaptability and many color and finish options.

“It’s transitional. It crosses over boundaries. It’s perfect for creating a contemporary natural stone look, but it could also look traditional if you needed it to. The whole Stone Attaché series is great because depending on where you want to use it, it can be what you want it to be. It’s really a series about looking past what you see initially and creating something great around it that elevates both the space and the tile. Stone Attaché definitely lends itself to versatility.”

Daltile’s latest launch of new products is full of versatile and beautiful options that you’ll love, but take a closer look at the darling of the launch, Stone Attaché. Its four different ColorBody™ porcelain tile lines inspired by the extravagance of stone. It might just be the winning tile you’re looking to add to your arsenal.

Ambassador™ ColorBody™ PorcelainAmbassador in Jet-Setter Grey

Inspiration for this tile was taken from the Swiss Alps where a handsome, fine-grained quartzite is harvested. Over time, the natural stone forms striations of grains that give it a unique movement that makes it an emissary for The Stone Attaché series. Ambassador is through-body porcelain that looks just like this beloved stone.

It comes in high-demand, large-format sizes and four regal colors. It’s suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and both commercial and residential spaces.


•    24 x 24
•    12 x 24
•    24 x 48


The palette of Ambassador is a wonderland of cool neutrals. Ranging from a dusky white to deep grey/black, these four colors offer something for every design.

•    Wanderlust White
•    Global Grey
•    Jet Setter Dusk
•    Voyager Black 

Consulate™ ColorBody™ Porcelain

Capture the visual drama of stone with Consulate. Also inspired by quartzite, it comes in two finishes, Antique and Quartzite. No matter the finish, Consulate elevates both commercial and residential spaces to the level of luxury your clients desire. The natural patterns and high variability of this tile will leave you in awe. 

It is available in two large format rectangular sizes and is complemented by a line of mosaics to take it to the next level.Consulate in Liason Beige on the floor


•    12 x 24
•    24 x 48


The Concierge color palette ranges from warm taupe to a substantial grey. The Quartzite finish brings out the color variation a bit more than the Antique finish, which softens it.

Antique Field Tile

•    Concierge Sand
•    Premier Grey

Quartzite Field Tile

•    Liaison Beige
•    Embassy Silver

Dignitary™ ColorBody™ Porcelain

Inspired by French limestone, the Dignitary series brings depth to any setting. This versatile, timeless tile will be a favorite for discerning commercial and residential clients.

Dignitary in Superior Taupe

It comes in six colors and three finishes (light polished, unpolished, and textured) so your clients will be sure to find the perfect match for their projects. Dignitary is also available in 2cm thickness in 24 x 24 size and three colors.


•    24 x 28
•    24 x 24
•    12 x 24


The smooth colors of Dignitary are available in a taupe tinted white to a rich brown and several shades in between. The classic limestone look and cool neutrals make this tile a versatile option.

•    Luminary White
•    Notable Beige
•    Superior Taupe
•    Eminence Grey
•    Herald Brown
•    Governor Black

Haut Monde™ ColorBody™ Porcelain

This softer look is patterned after sandstone but adds the colors your clients want today. Its fine grain is welcoming and consistent with fewer striations and less movement of the other tiles in the Stone Attaché series. It add a calming effect to any design. Look for it in six rich colors, two finishes, a mosaic, and large-format sizes.Haut Monde in Empire Black 24 x 48


•    24 x 48
•    24 x 24
•    12 x 24
•    2 x 2 mosaic


Haut Monde offers six colors, three beige-based, and three grey-based. From an ecru-white to a luminous medium gray, the warm palette is perfect for creating an inviting space.

•    Nobility White
•    Leisure Beige
•    Aristocrat Cream
•    Elite Grey
•    Glitterati Granite
•    Empire Black


Find out just how versatile this tile series is. Get in touch with your Daltile representative today to see Stone Attaché up close and personal.

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