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How Tile Solves Your Biggest Flooring Problems

Posted by Daltile Team on Mar 21, 2018 10:19:59 AM

RetroSpace in Modern White on the backsplashRetroSpace in Modern White on the backsplash

If your family is like most, it’s difficult to find time to fit in all the lessons, games, and causes on top of work. Finding a flooring surface that answers all the demands of your busy lifestyle should be easy, and it is with tile.

With tile you don’t have to worry about what it’s made of, whether it’s healthy, or if it’s going to be hard to clean. Tile is the only flooring surface that solves all your biggest flooring dilemmas.

Tile is Easy to Clean

As one of the dirtiest surfaces in the house, it’s important to have flooring that is easy to clean. Nobody has extra time in the schedule, nor money in the budget to care for high-maintenance floors. That’s why tile is the ideal surface for floors, walls, and more.

Cleaning porcelain or ceramic tile is simple. All that’s needed is mild soap and water—no dangerous chemicals necessary. Even in the toughest places—like the shower floor—soap scum, hard water, and mildew are easily wiped away with a multi-purpose spray cleaner.

The most difficult thing about tile maintenance is the grout. Grout, is porous, unlike tile, so it is apt to stain and discolor. Surface texture on grout can make it difficult to keep dirt-free as well.

Unless grout is cleaned and maintained regularly, it can darken and have a shorter lifespan. A small brush and some concentrated household cleaner periodically will keep grout looking good. You can also apply a grout sealer to new grout to extend its life and decrease the chance of staining and discoloration.

Read our Care & Maintenance guide to learn more.

Koncrete ceramic tileKoncrete in Grey on the kitchen floor

Tile is Hypoallergenic

Some surfaces harbor allergens, bacteria, and dirt more readily than is comfortable, especially for dwellers with asthma or other sensitivities.

Tile doesn’t have that problem. Its smooth surface is free from pitting, and rough or fibrous textures that may grab onto the dust, pollen, and dirt and cause home to be a source of illness.

On top of that, tile has no VOC emissions or chemical off-gassing of any kind. Tile is made of natural ingredients and fired in a kiln at thousands of degrees so there is little chance of any unhealthy elements sneaking into your home via your flooring.

Tile, its glazes, and any other additives to tile, do not contain any plastics. Plastics are connected to more and more health problems as research in that area grows. Many of the most popular home surfaces and products contain plastics, but you can always count on tile to keep your family well—today and into the future.

Emerson  Wood in Butter Pecan
Emerson Wood in Butter Pecan in the dining room and Hickory Pecan on the patio

Tile is Sustainable

Good citizens, like you, are concerned about the impact their choices have in the world beyond their own home. We’re glad to report that tile is one of the best choices for sustainable building materials for your floors, walls, and countertops.

Tile is highly recyclable. More than 98% of Daltile manufactured products contain pre-consumer recycled material. Our manufacturing facilities recycle water and are working toward using 100% recycled water. Raw materials are responsibly mined and attention is given to the communities where we have facilities.

Daltile also supports initiatives to reduce energy usage and use that energy efficiently. We have several facilities in the U.S. and distribute products sustainably so there is less transportation impact on the environment.

Our green programs help our customers use sustainable practices too. We support LEED building standards and help our clients achieve green standards. Take a closer look at how Daltile supports sustainability.


The research is done for you! Tile comes to the top of the list for flooring every time. Now all you have to do is decide on the color and style . . .

Find out about the most important things you need to know about tile.

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