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Celebrate Tile Made in the USA

Posted by Daltile Team on Jul 1, 2016 10:30:00 AM


Why We Love Tile “Made in the USA”

When it’s time for a new car or a home remodel, “made in the USA” definitely carries some weight. In an industry that has been historically dominated by Europe, American tile should be praised. Daltile currently has nearly 50 tile series produced right here in the USA!

Each of our seven manufacturing facilities here in the states stays busy producing tile that exceeds your expectations. Here are several reasons to love USA tile.

Local Sourcing

Whether you face regulations to use materials produced in the USA or you are just conservation-minded, selecting tile made nearby isn’t difficult. We have facilities spread across the nation to cut back on transportation of tile. If You're looking for tile made in the USA, ask a Daltile representative.


If you’re into environmental responsibility, you’ll love our Greenworks program. Greenworks espouses our belief that beautiful designs don’t have to conflict with healthy environmental practices. Some of our floor tiles contain 15% post-consumer recycled materials. And 97% of all our manufactured products contain pre-consumer recycled materials.

Landfill Diversion 

In the last five years, Daltile and its sister tile companies diverted 1.3 billion pounds of waste from landfills. That’s the same as 100,000 cars placed bumper to bumper for over 342 miles—more than the width of Arkansas!

Water Conservation

Ceramic and porcelain tile takes a lot of water to manufacture. Daltile has made it a priority to reuse as much water as possible. Over 90 million gallons of wastewater are recovered and reused annually in Daltile plants.

Energy Reduction

Daltile, and its sister tile companies, conserve enough natural gas to heat 2000 homes each year, and conserves enough electricity to power 750 homes for a year.

LEED Credits

LEED is a voluntary building certification program that provides architects, designers, and builders environmental objectives. The U.S. Green Building Council sets the standards and hands out points for environmentally friendly practices like using products with recycled content, etc.

Daltile helps you achieve LEED credits by

•    Using recycled content in our tile and packaging
•    Maintaining manufacturing facilities close to home to decrease the use of fossil fuels
•    Using water-based glazes, minimal solvents, and firing practices that eliminate VOCs

If you’re a contractor or designer, get in touch with Daltile to find out how you can potentially earn 10 credits.

American Affordability

USA tile is not just initially affordable, but it performs well in life cycle cost studies. The Tile Council of America reports that ceramic tile costs less over the life of a building per year than any other flooring surface because it lasts decades and has very low maintenance costs.

While you enjoy the fireworks and festivities this July, don’t forget to take a peek at American tile. It’s just as amazing as corn flakes or baseball!

Learn More about Greenworks & LEED


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