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Tile and Backsplash Designs: How Millennials Have Had an Influence

Posted by Daltile Team on Oct 6, 2015 8:30:00 PM

As millennials enter the workforce and start buying homes, designers have been paying attention with great interest. To capitalize on this up-and-coming set of homeowners, the latest flooring, outdoor patio, and backsplash designs all reflect the perceived tastes of this generation. Here are a few ways that millennials have influenced tile and backsplash designs, and why their choices make sense for every homeowner.

They Entertain at Home

Millennials grew up with hundreds of cable channels and the capability to stream movies without the need to leave their sofa. They are accustomed to entertaining friends at home and desire a living space that matches their lifestyle. Rooms that are casual enough to relax in, but still functional when company arrives, rate highly with the millennial crowd's busy lifestyle.

As anyone who likes to entertain at home knows, the kitchen is an essential gathering space. To ensure that your kitchen is always ready for company, a backsplash can add the perfect amount of stylish adornment. One modern example is the fashion-forward Elevare series, which combines the classic look of subway tile with bolder colors and larger, more contemporary sizes.

Elevare in Sand 4 x 16 on the backsplash

They're Tech-Focused

Millennials grew up during the age of the Internet, the iPhone, and an abundance of at-home technology. As a result, they expect the highest technological advances to be integrated into any home product they purchase. Similarly, when planning their homes, millennials may spend extra time searching for styles and trends that offer easy maintenance and the ability to last for a long time. Wood-look porcelain tile, for example, fits well with this trend, as it combines the beauty of wood with the easy maintenance and longevity of porcelain tile.

They Appreciate Eco-Friendly Products

Another trend in millennial home design is the increase of eco-friendly elements. Being kind to the Earth is particularly important to this generation, and products with this focus in mind have become increasing popular in home design. For example, many backsplash designs are made of recycled materials. Glass tile, such as the Glass Horizons line, looks beautiful when it's incorporated into a kitchen or bathroom design. And when it's made of a high percentage of recycled content, it's an even more appealing material.

They Know That Smaller Is Okay

The millennial generation doesn't necessarily need to own the largest home on the block. Smaller homes allow financially savvy Millennials to spend more on the home design features they love, including a gorgeous kitchen or spalike baths with stylish backsplash designs. Whether they buy an urban space or a home with a quaint neighborhood, these new home buyers know how to make the most of what they have.

Every new generation makes its own mark on home design trends, and millennials are no different. So while today's latest kitchen, bath, and home design trends tend to cater to millennials, they're also crafted with timeless quality that will last well into the next generation.

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