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The truth about color trends for 2016

Posted by Daltile Team on Jan 30, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Color Wave in Red Hot 2 x 12

On trend colors for 2016 varies a great deal depending on who you listen to. Anyone related to the design industry has something to say about the shades that will color 2016. How are you to know which colors arereally trendy? Which colors are right for you?

Even though there are so many differing opinions, if you listen closely, you’ll hear a similar melody that underlies all the voices. The themes that connect so many opinions comes down to a few key concepts.


Neutral colors are always hot picks for home and commercial design. Unlike the fashion industry, the colors in your home and office are fairly permanent. As tastes change, you can’t always afford to revamp your space to meet the latest trend. That’s why neutrals are favored. They never look out of place and can be accessorized to stay current instead of getting a major overhaul every eight to ten years.

Brown has long been the favorite for interiors. Recently the most popular browns have been softer, lighter browns like beige and taupe. But the big neutral this year is grey. Grey in all shades and hues will be the favored neutral in home and office design.

High Contrast

No matter what colors you choose, there ought to be an element of high contrast to your scheme. Black and white, grey and gold. Let one of your color choices really stand out and attract all the attention.

If you are having difficulty selecting high contrast colors, get out your color wheel. Colors that reside opposite to one another are high contrast. Take blue and orange. They may not be your favorite color combination, but what about some variation like cornflower and amber? Lighter or darker shades still provide the high contrast you’re going for without overpowering your design.

Geometric PatternImage credit: Dollar Photo Club and sunward

You’re right, geometric patterns are not a color. They don’t have anything to do with color. However, geometric patterns are very popular in design right now and they often make their appearance in bold color.

A geometric pattern can be overwhelming when used too much in a design. Likewise, so can a bold color. So designers combined the two, added it in as an accent and, voila! A stunning color trend was born. Incorporate stripes, chevrons, and linear patterns in bright colors and it will become an element that helps the room pop with clean lines and defined boundaries.


Ombre has been a color-driven trend for several years now and it still commands attention in 2016. It is the opposite of the high-contrast concept. It employs the same hue in varying shades set next to each other.
The overall effect is a softening and comforting of the space; a concept that makes a design homey and welcoming. Choosing this color scheme will directly affect the feeling of your home or office.


Light has a huge influence on color. It depends on it. Ensure that you have sufficient light, and the right type of light so you can capitalize on color.

Be aware that lighting is colored and can change how your selected colors look. Natural light tends to be a bit yellow and energy-saving light bulbs tend to be bluish. Test out your color scheme under the light you intend to have in your space to find out if they work together.
Metallics and reflective surfaces are excellent beside bolder color. They bring more light to the area without competing with the color itself.

Use these concepts to guide your color choices. In the end color is a personal choice. While tones and shades come in and out of style, working from the basis of good color knowledge will help you make good color choices for your office or home.

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