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The Little Black Dress of Tile

Posted by Daltile Team on Jun 3, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Black Granite, Slate, and Marble Tile

Rittenhouse Square in Black and White 3 x 6 wall tile

There’s a reason the little black dress is black. It’s the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. You can dress it up or you can dress it down. It can go to the opera, clubbing, or your work party. It’s the Wonder Woman of apparel.

Wouldn’t you like a black slate tile floor that can easily handle Monday morning family breakfast then a Saturday evening party with friends without much embellishment? Black floors make a statement no matter what’s going on in the house, but they can be hard to pull off. Here are some dos and don’ts for success.

1.    Don’t be afraid of black.

Is black a color? The debate may never be over. But designers use it as a staple and it makes an appearance in nearly every room of the house. It is considered a neutral by some designers and color experts because it goes with everything. Black never looks out of place. Never be afraid to use black—especially as more than an accent.
"Black never looks out of place. Never be afraid to use black—especially as more than an accent."

Keystones in various colors 1, 2 inch squares

2.    Do use color.

Black harmonizes with every color under the rainbow. Using black as your basic room color doesn’t have to mean vibrant colors are out. In fact, black can ground colors that might not otherwise work in the same space. Use color mapping and strategically use color in your space. Color mapping is like copy and pasting a hue in different places through the room. If you use it well, black will harmonize your room instead of feeling oppressive.

  Travertine in Absolute Black polished and Mediterranean Ivory honed

3.    Don’t use it just once.

Black tends to be overwhelming by itself. A black granite tile floor with no other black in the room will make the space feel heavy. Use the designer’s rule of three and place black in three different places through the room. Balance a black floor with a black lampshade and artwork heavily influenced by black. Or add a black tile backsplash or countertop to a kitchen.

 4.    Do accessorize.

Just like the little black dress, you need to accessorize black the right way to complete your design. Without embellishments, black fades into the background. Then again, too much embellishment renders it uncomfortable. Black loves lime checks just as much as a sophisticated metallic accent. Select accessories based on the style you are trying to achieve.

5.    Don’t shy away from playing with texture and tone.

Black looks equally as great in high-gloss as it does in matte. It looks just as wonderful in a dusty sort of tone as it does in pure black. Recent trends are embracing softer blacks. Touchable textures soften the harshness of black and make it friendly when you use it in large amounts. Natural stone in black provides plenty of texture whether it’s polished or tumbled. Nothing enriches black like the variations in a black granite tile countertop.  

Contintental Slate in Brazillian Green 12 x 12
6.    Do use it as the canvas for a room.

Worried that your design taste might change in a year or two when a lime green kitchen will date you? Black can fix that. Use black in the major components of a space (like countertops, floors, walls) then you can change out more fleeting elements easily and inexpensively.  

You already love your little black dress. Fall in love with black in your interior design too. The versatility allows you to enjoy your home no matter the season or occasion.

What do you consider your go-to in home design and decor?

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