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Textural Elements

Posted by Daltile Team on Apr 28, 2016 10:30:00 AM

A sleek, clean design in a single color or basic color palette begs for a little something to make it pop. Texture is a great way to take a flat room and bring it to life.

Here are some key concepts to help you add texture to your design.

Brickwork in Terrace on the wallVisual Weight

Designers use the term visual weight to describe a room that draws attention to itself. Texture is a sure-fire way to let a room speak for itself.

The right texture can change the way a room feels—it makes it feel important and relevant. Rough textures make a space feel centered and personal. Smooth textures feel more reserved and private. You can use a combination of textures in a single room, but be aware that how you place them in relation to one another will have a big impact on how the room feels. The closer together differing textures are, the heavier the feel of the room. Spaced further apart, the weight is more subtle.

Saddle Brook XT in Oak Trail on the patio

Enough is Enough

Texture is a design element that you have to be careful of. If you use too much of it, you’ll make the room feel oppressive. The goal here is balance. Texture evens out a monochromatic or high-contrast color scheme. It creates interest where things are flat. But too much can render the texture null and void.

Designers follow a two-three rule when it comes to texture. Use three different textures when you want the room to feel like a coherent whole. Use two different textures when you want to highlight a focal point in the space.

Bring the TextureRender Metals in Iron Oblique on the wall

While you can introduce texture with everything from the furniture to your décor, a permanent textural element is better at giving a room visual weight. Consider a tiled feature wall, chair rails, or a tray ceiling. Your drapery and rugs are also a great opportunity to introduce texture. 

Daltile just launched three excellent tile options that bring the texture you’re looking for.

Saddle Brook XT is a classic wood look-tile with the added benefit of being able to go from the kitchen right out onto the patio. Step Wise technology makes this tile suitable for outdoor applications, but you’ll want it everywhere. The authentic wood texture and natural color brings balance to a minimal design.

Brickwork’s rustic, urban style is as suited to the country kitchen as it is to the Chicago loft. It has both visual variance and touchable texture that takes your home from simple to spectacular.

Render Metals is a tile unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The metallic sheen comes from real metal so you get a luminous look. Three subtle textures options let you include texture without overwhelming the space.


Enliven your space with textures that transform. Visit a Daltile showroom to touch some remarkable textured tile.


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