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Take the Plunge: Pools for Even the Smallest Spaces

Posted by Daltile Team on Jun 9, 2015 6:00:00 AM


It’s a hot day and a glass of fresh lemonade just isn’t cutting it. Right about now, you’re wishing that you could take a quick dip in a pool covered with cool, glass mosaic tile—if you had a pool that is. Maybe it’s time to do something about this sweltering afternoon and consider installing a pool.

"A plunge pool  doesn't have to be about exercising or creating a beautifully landscaped getaway--unless you want it to be."

Don’t have room for a pool you say? Pools don’t have to be large Olympic-grade spectacles. They can be small, simple, and fit in the tiniest corner of your deck or backyard. They can be cool and refreshing or heated. They can be long, thin lap pools for exercise or soaking pools for hot afternoons.

Introducing the Plunge Pool

What’s a plunge pool? It’s a small, shallow pool made just for days like this when all you want to do is lounge around in the water with a cool drink in your hand. It’s not about exercising or creating a beautifully landscaped getaway—unless you want it to be.  

Sound like heaven? It is in more ways than one.

Low Cost

When you’re dying for a pool but you think you can’t afford it, the plunge pool is your perfect match. Because of the smaller footprint, these pools cost much less to install and maintain.

Space Saving

Once again, the small footprint is a benefit, especially if you have a small lot. Even if your backyard is practically non-existent, a plunge pool can fit into whatever space you do have. The shape and size of the pool is completely negotiable.

Simple Maintenance

It’s much easier to maintain a plunge pool. Chemistry, cleaning, and draining are all more manageable on the small scale. You’ll have so much energy left over, you may decide to install a water feature or upgrade the landscaping to complete your little piece of paradise.


Environmentally Efficient

A smaller plunge pool uses much less water than traditional pools. That means less wasted water, less chemicals, and a more environmentally responsible pool.


Your own little pool in your own little corner of the world is a far cry from the noise and commotion of a public space.

Therapeutic Water

Plunge pools took their inspiration from ancient Chinese and Roman water therapy where one would intersperse hot baths with a plunge into a cold bath. Combine a hot tub with a cold plunge pool for therapeutic benefits. Or install jets for some massage action. If you’re feeling really motivated, you can put in resistance jets so you can get the effect of a lap pool in a smaller space.


Highly Customizable

You already know that the plunge pool can mold itself into any shape or size you want. Consider what else you can do to customize your pool: unique glass tile mosaic, perching your pool on the edge of a hill, situating your pool so you can watch the sun set. Make it an infinity pool or make it a part of your patio.

Easily Combinable

If you love the idea of the plunge pool but want to increase the size of your pool, it is easy to combine the features of the plunge pool with more traditional pool layouts. Make one end of your pool for the die-hard lap swimmers and the other for the people who know how to take a break.

Ready to take the plunge? Set down your lemonade and get a piece of paper. Sketch the plunge pool you wish you were sitting in right now.

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