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Summertime Blues: Not Your Basic Blue Pool Tile

Posted by Daltile Team on Jul 1, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Travertine in Durango on the pool

Ever wondered why most pool tile is blue? The reason is purely scientific. Pool water is clear, but it reflects the sky, so the water ends up looking blue and blue tile enhances that.

But maybe you’re over preppy blue tile and want to create a moody and unique pool. Here are several ways to beat the blues.

Anything But Blue Tile

Choose a tile for your pool liner in a different color. You won’t be able to actually change the blue appearance of the water—a red tiled pool will still have blue water during the day—but the red influences it enough to make it feel different.

Glass Mosaics

Glass 1 x 1 tile is a classic for pool liners. While you’ll find a lot of blue and green, you can also find bronzy browns, silvery grays, and rich reds. Look for iridescent finishes, different sizes and shapes, and unique blends.

Classic Porcelain or Ceramic 12 x 12

A traditional tile can change the feel of your pool. The larger sized tile is unexpected and colors can make the water seem warmer and more inviting. Select a tile that you can use for both the deck and the liner for continuity. Or change it up with an interesting pattern like a checkerboard of two different colors.

Textured Tile

Go for something really different and try a tile that isn’t flat. A little texture might change the way the light is reflected and produce an interesting effect. A pebble bottom on your pool won’t only look great, but feel great too.

Stone-Look Tile

Stone is a popular tile for pool decks. It enriches the feel of the area. Stone is not really an option for the pool itself, but consider a stone-look tile. Many tiles are designed after the visuals of stone. In fact, you’ll find a full line up of stone-look tile in many sizes and with accents. The warmth of the natural looking stone tile changes the overall feel of your outdoor space.

Fabric Looks and Cement Looks

Tile styled after linen gives your pool a comforting look that’s perfect for relaxation. Cement-looks are no-nonsense and can be accented and dressed up with just about any style of décor. Both have interesting visual texture for a unique pool.

Quartzite in Golden Sun flagstone natural cleft gauged

Lighting for Color

At night, you can transform your pool to be any color you want. You don’t have to fight the reflection of the blue sky and colored lighting is one of the easiest ways to provide color. You can even put in lighting with several color options so your pool can change color with the seasons or your mood.

Dye Job

You can always dye your water. This will impede the blue color even during the day, but then again, do you really want to swim in dyed water? This might be an option for water features more so than pools. Keep in mind that it takes a lot of dye to achieve much color.

Indoor Colors

There is one sure way to sidestep blue water. Take it indoors. With the sky blocked, you’ll reflect far less blue. That makes it a bit easier to get a little more of some other color going on. You still won’t be able to get red water from red tile, but it will be much clearer and less blue so the red tile will show better.

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