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4 Benefits of Stone-Look Porcelain Tile

Posted by Daltile Team on Mar 15, 2018 10:12:00 AM


Natural stone looking tile has been around for a long time—ever since the industry branched beyond glossy monochrome ceramic 4 x 4s. But the look has come a long way and is one of the most popular choices for the floor, wall, and even countertop surfaces.

Here are just a few of the benefits that might make stone look better than natural stone for your project.

#1 Porcelain can be more affordable than stone.

There’s nothing quite like natural stone. It’s timeless, beautiful, and adds immense value to a home. However, some stone might be cost prohibitive for you. With porcelain tile that looks like stone, you get the look you want with a price tag that’s in your budget.

DAL_Articulo_RES_01 (1).jpgNot only does this limestone look tile, Articulo, look great on the floor, but it’s carried onto the fireplace as well for a seamless, monochromatic palette.

#2 Porcelain requires less maintenance than stone.

Where stone often needs regular attention to keep it at its best, stone-look porcelain tile is virtually maintenance free. You get the natural stone-looking tile without the annual sealing, specialized cleaners, or worry over staining. All porcelain tile really needs is a mild soap and water to keep it in top shape.

DAL_Balans_RES_01_CU01.jpgBeautiful limestone look tile, Balans, covers the walls and floor of this shower gracefully and won’t mold or mildew.

#3 Stone-look tile looks authentic.

Ink jet printing technologies like Daltile’s Reveal Imaging™ create high-definition detail replicated from actual stone samples. This makes stone-look tile a very close look-alike to the real thing. Technology has also made it possible to have many stone looks to choose from like marble, travertine, limestone, and more.

DAL_FW_DreamHome17_CasitaBath.jpgUnderstated sandstone look tile moves from the floor to the wall in this bathroom. Linden Point captures genuine stone look that can be applied to walls and floors.

#4 Extra-large stone look porcelain slabs offer ultimate flexibility.

Daltile’s Panoramic Porcelain Surfaces™ are extra-large porcelain slabs ( 10’ x 5’) that are a superb alternative for the countertop. They have the look of exquisite stone with the toughness of porcelain. They are excellent for large floors and a slim profile makes these slabs lightweight so they are perfect for the wall too.

PAN_Statuario_RES_01_CU02.jpgPanoramic Porcelain Surfaces in Statuario is an elegant marble look used in a bookmatched design on this bathroom backsplash/feature wall and countertop.


Side by side, stone and stone look porcelain tile both offer long-lasting style for your design. But stone look porcelain tile may have some added benefits that suit your busy, demanding lifestyle. Learn more about the many options in natural stone looking tile today!

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