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Something’s Gotta Give Kitchen Design: 4 Must Haves

Posted by Daltile Team on Jul 16, 2015 7:30:00 AM

Floor Tile, Countertops, Cabinets, and Subway Tile for Showstopping Style

Dark floor and white cabinets characterize this kitchen

Clear back in 2003, the hit movie Something’s Gotta Give showed us a black and white kitchen that was cozy yet clean and it rocked the kitchen design world. From the soapstone countertops to the white subway tile backsplash, everyone wanted to incorporate a little of this classic kitchen into their designs.

More than a decade later, it’s still the most googled kitchen online. It is versatile enough that any kitchen layout on any budget can recreate many of the elements of the kitchen. Here are four things you must have to get the look.

Granite in Volga Blue on the countertop with Egyptian Glass 1 x 1 mosaic in Moonstone Blend

Black Countertops

These matte, solid slab countertops were made to look like soapstone (even though they were just painted fiber board). Soapstone became all the rage for kitchen countertops after that. You can get the same look from several different natural stones.

Granite Countertops

Black granite is a good choice for the kitchen. It is one of the most durable of the natural stones and doesn’t scratch, etch, or stain as easily as other stones. It comes in finishes from high-polish to the matte look you want for this design, called honed finish.

Natural Quartzite

One of the more common colors available in natural quartzite is a beautiful black and gray veined stone. You can order the honed finish on your slab when you select it from the fabricator.

Quartz Composite

Quartz-based solid surfaces are 93% quartz and even tougher than granite. There are several black or dark gray options available with a matte finish.

Acacia Valley in Alder 6 x 36 and 9 x 36

Dark Floor Tile

The dark floor tile complements the countertops but has a bit more gloss. You could achieve the look with any dark tile from a dark gray to a rich brown. The tiles in the movie appear to be long narrow planks which add a depth to the space. You can add your own flair to your kitchen with any number of tile shapes, measurements, and patterns.

Unique Patterns

Classic square 12 x 12s are a flexible tile for several different patterns. Put them in a grid, on the diagonal, or in a brick layout. Or choose several sizes or shapes of tile and create a Versailles, herringbone, or basket weave pattern.

Concrete-Look Tiles

Concrete is a trendy look in kitchens right now. You can have the look of black-stained concrete in a more durable porcelain tile.

Fabric-Look Tiles

Further increase the soft feel in your kitchen with a fabric-look tile. These mimic the texture of textiles which are naturally soft and matte.

Elevare in Sand 4 x 16

White Subway Tile

The backsplash and walls of the Something’s Gotta Give kitchen are covered in traditional white subway tile. It is the stand-out element of the kitchen with its high-gloss tile and under-the-cabinet lighting. It is an essential element that gives life to the black and white scheme.

Bigger Tile

Traditional subway tile is 3 x 6 glazed ceramic tile. In recent years, the options for subway tile have increased with the huge popularity of the design. It is available in 4 x 8 and other rectangular measurements.

Different Materials

 With the size expansion of available subway tiles, other materials like marble and limestone became available. These make a great addition to any kitchen and add a hint of luxury.

New Layouts

Part of what makes subway tile, subway tile is the brick joint layout. Consider trying something a bit different by turning the pattern to a vertical orientation. It will make the room feel taller.

Marble Collection in Warm Waterfall mosaic oftests the wall.

White Cabinets

No Something’s Gotta Give kitchen would be complete without those old-fashioned white cabinets.

If you decide to paint your old cabinetry, be sure you get the right white. All white paint has undertones that will stand out like a sore thumb if you get the wrong one. There are a few white paint colors that don’t have undertones that are visible to the human eye and might be worth getting.


Part of achieving the right look is to get those simple door pulls. There are actually two types of pulls in the kitchen. The heavier ones are used on the bottom and the streamlined ones are used on the top.


 The hardware on the cabinets is dark and therefore stands out against the white cabinets. Try to match your pulls to the dark color palate in your kitchen. If you opted for a brown floor, lean toward aged brass type hardware. Or if you went with black, get a more silver-toned pull.  

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