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Romancing the Bedroom: Concepts for Design

Posted by Daltile Team on Feb 19, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Slimlite Porcelain Panels above the bed

Ready to add a little romance to your bedroom design? It doesn’t take a complete overhaul to achieve the nuances of your own personal haven. Bring in a few basic elements and you’ll be well on your way to creating a romantic sanctuary that allows you to unwind and enjoy.


Colors have strong psychological influence. They can change your mood and influence your behavior. Depending on the vibe you’re going for here are a few ideas.


The smoky color scheme isn’t just for a night out on the town. Adding grey to colors works wonders in the bedroom too. The smokiness tones down the color so that no matter what color you choose, it feels like a softer, romantic neutral tone.

High Contrast

High contrast is a stunning scheme for the bedroom. From black and white to gold and cream, the contrast is energizing. Black, or other dark colors, on the walls is a current trend in the bedroom that you should consider. It gives a sense of romantic dimming without actually decreasing the light.


Silver, gold, gunmetal . . . whichever metallic tone you choose, they are all alluring and create a sense of luxury that’s at home in the passionate bedroom.

Season Wood in Orchard Grey on the floor


Texture in the bedroom is mostly about softness. From the curtains to the rug, it’s easy to get just the right amount of plush.


Select upholstery, drapery, and bed linens in fabrics with light texture to give the space an airiness without overwhelming other elements of the room. Save heavier textures for rugs, throw pillows, and incidental blankets.


Quilted or upholstered headboards are all the rage right now. They give a little padding to the room and soften it, especially if you incorporate some modern design elements.


Let every fabric in your bedroom drape luxuriantly. Let the curtains sprawl out on the floor rather than hang just above it. Dust ruffles and duvets work well if they are a bit oversized. Keep ruffles loose and relaxed.


While prints are not tactile, they do create visual texture. Animal prints are especially sensual in the bedroom and introduce the sense of an exotic getaway.


Lighting is key in creating a romantic atmosphere. But that doesn’t mean your bedroom has to be dark.


Dimmers are an easy way to make your lighting adjustable. Turning on the charm is as simple as flipping a switch.


Chandeliers are the ultimate in romantic luxury. If traditional chandeliers aren’t your style, opt to paint your chandelier or spring for a more contemporary series of pendant lights.


Sometimes sconces are all the electrical lighting you need in the bedroom. They can be installed bedside for functional and romantic lighting.


There’s nothing more romantic that firelight. A fireplace in the bedroom is more achievable than ever and adds that little something that enhances the mood of your room.

Natural Light

Natural light is not an enemy to romance. You won’t always want your bedroom to be dim. You can downplay natural light by bringing darker elements into your décor like dark tile floors topped with fuzzy carpets or dark paint on the walls.

Yacht Club in Bridge Deck 6 x 24 planks on the floor

Mood and Theme

Deliberately create a mood or theme to your bedroom design. Whether it’s an airy tropical hut feel with muslin curtains and beachy colors, or a classic French boudoir complete with deep bedding, a little mood makes for plenty of romance.

Fantasy Retreat

This is your chance to create a fantasy retreat that speaks to your sensibilities. If you love the feel of a five-star hotel, then recreate that. If you visualize an exotic Moroccan vibe, go for it! The bedroom doesn’t have to coordinate with the rest of the house.

Transitional Design

If you love French frills and the romance of pastels and ornate trims but your partner likes clean, modern lines, balance the two into one. Mix the charm of traditional in the softer elements of the room (rugs, bedding, drapery) with the contemporary feel of clean-edged furniture and modern color schemes.


How you furnish the bedroom finishes it. Don’t forget romance and passion when you select your furnishings.

Big Bed

Grand bed frames like four poster or canopy beds add to the romance of a room. A piece like this is the center of the room and will set the tone.


Get that boudoir feeling with well selected seating. A chaise lounge or divan is an excellent choice for the bedroom. A bench at the end of the bed adds functional ambiance.


Many people choose treasured antiques for the bedroom. They provide customization and personalization, which is what your bedroom is all about.


Get some inspiration for your bedroom design today!

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