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New Exterior tile ideas for Your Outdoor living space

Posted by Daltile Team on May 17, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Rethinking the Pool, Deck, and Garden

Featured in THE NEW AMERICAN HOME. Image features Quartzite in Golden Sun pattern flagstone

As the cold melts away and green starts to appear in your backyard, planting flowers and preparing for a garden shouldn’t be the only things you’re thinking about. Consider what tile can do to establish an outdoor sanctuary that you can enjoy all summer long.

Pool Tile

Tile is a swimmer-friendly material that looks good and lasts a long time. You can’t go wrong with glass 1 x 1 mosaic tiles in greens and blues on your pool liner. Other shapes, colors, materials, and sizes can make your pool stand out.

Blue or green tiles invite you and your guests to take a cool plungel. 1 x 1 hexagons or penny rounds give your pool a little twist that makes it a deliberate part of your outdoor design. Lend even more distinction to your design by selecting a contrasting grout that will bring out the unique shape of the tiles.

Opt for a ceramic tile instead of glass for a slightly different texture than the high-gloss of glass. Ceramic won’t reflect light as much as glass so the water can be the star. The great outdoors allow you to play with color in a more free way than you might feel comfortable with indoors so try a bright color or put in a fun mosaic.

Remember to pick a tile that is rated for pool use.

Ever in Rock textured 12 x 24

Deck and patio Tile

Your deck is the outdoor version of your kitchen and living room and you can make it just as comfortable as your indoor space. If you love to grill, create an outdoor kitchen that Bobby Flay would be jealous of. If you want a place to unwind in the shade, furnish your deck so it’s cozy enough for an afternoon nap.

Bypass the trouble a cement pad causes and instead go with an on-trend cement-look tile.  Maybe you’d like a softer linen-look tile. Or reach for a natural material like slate.Your options are only limited by your imagination.

If you can’t let go of traditional wood on the deck, take a closer look at wood tile. It is very durable and requires almost no maintenance.

Featured in THE NEW AMERICAN HOME. Image features Continental Slate in Asian Black 2 x 2

Garden Tiles

Tile in the garden? Why not! Tile can make a great garden path. Decorate your garden with a mosaic wall. Tiles made with natural clays are great for mosaics because they weather well and blend right in with the natural setting while adding color and pattern in contrast to greenery.

Tile can help you build raised beds and bring order to your backyard. Or use tile in your design for a water-wise landscape. Tile makes a beautiful fountain that can up the appeal of your garden.

Up-and-coming porcelain pavers are a durable and stylish addition to the garden, walkways, or even the driveway.


Get more ideas and see what else is available for pools and decking in our pool brochure.

See the Pool Brochure

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