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Pet-Friendly Home Design

Posted by Daltile Team on Sep 29, 2016 11:21:13 AM

Pets are just as much a part of the family as any human in the house so why not think about their comfort too when you build or remodel? Pet-friendly home design makes life convenient for you and plain luxurious for your furry friend. Here’s a few ideas that are purrrrfect!

Cupboard Under the Stairs

The cupboard under the stairs may not have been an ideal living space for Harry Potter, but it’s great for your pet. It’s a secluded place for a quiet nap or to get away from visitors when feeling overwhelmed. Add a door and you have a built-in kennel.

Cupboard under the stairs full of stuff? That’s ok. A spot in the laundry room or mudroom can be comfy too.

Hard, Smooth Surfaces

Anything with a fabric surface is going to collect hair and fur. Hard, smooth surfaces don’t hold on to the hair and fur quite as much so it’s easier to clean. It’s also the best choice for occasional accidents. Tile floors make for simple clean up.

Multi-functional Island

Instead of more cupboards or even wasted space under the kitchen island, make a spot for your pet. You’re doing double duty by taking an already functional space and using the entire thing efficiently for multiple purposes.

Built-in Feeding Station

Instead of bowls that slide around on the floor and attract ants, try building in a spot in the mudroom or the kitchen. Don’t forget to install a bin in a nearby drawer to hold food and treats so it’s all in one place.

Color MatchMatch your pet's color to your decor

Consider using your pet as a point of reference when developing your color scheme. A white cat in a black kitchen really makes the shedding visible. Daltile took inspiration from Riley, the cat, to create this great combination that would look great in any room. It features from left to right: Cotto Contempo in Suset Boulevard, Fabrique in Soleil Linen, ONE Quartz Surfaces in Micro Flecks Simply White, and  Coastal Keystones in Coconut Beach.

Sunny Spots

Do your pets seek out the sunniest, coziest spots in the house? Why not plan a favorite spot for your pet? Turn a window seat into a comfy cat paradise. You could also install windows that are near the floor so pets get maximum exposure.

Bath Time

Animals seem to find the smelliest spots to roll in and think of mud as a play toy. Baths are a necessary evil, but why not make it a bit easier on the both of you? A small bath station in the mudroom, or laundry room with a low profile entry and hand-held sprayer is just the ticket to bathing your pet painlessly.


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