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No Fail Color Schemes

Posted by Daltile Team on Aug 29, 2015 8:30:00 PM

Volga Blue granite on the countertops with Egyptian Glass in Moonstone mosaic

Color wheels, paint chips, squares of color on your wall, swatches, and samples are the tell-tale signs that you’re on the hunt for the perfect color scheme. Though it may seem straightforward at the start, finding colors that work together, work with your established furnishings, and with the rest of the house can be an unexpected challenge. 

Whether you are looking to revamp all the colors in your palette or just add a splash of color, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Forest Park in Timberland 6 x 36 and 9 x 36 planks

Classic Color Combinations

Blue, White, Gray

Usually done in light tones, blue, white, and gray brighten up a space and make the most of natural light. The colors are neutral enough to be timeless, but trendy enough to make your space feel up-to-date.

Green, White, Brown

This versatile classic can be done with several variations of each color and still come out like a champ. A bright apple green, dusky mint, or rustic sage works with bright white, cream, or bone equally as well. You can vary the brown from a grayish reclaimed wood color to a deep black walnut.
Use a wood-look tile to set the stage for your high-contrast color scheme.

Metallica in Brushed Stainless Steel 3/4 inch penny rounds

Navy, White, Stainless Steel

Nautical themes are all the rage right now, as are stainless kitchen appliances. But the nice thing about this scheme is that it looks good no matter the era. It doesn’t date your design—it always looks fresh.

Try a metallic tile on the backsplash or as an accent to bring in the depth of metallic. Daltile offers several options from modern highly reflective finishes to rustic old-world charm.

Acacia Valley in Ark 9 x 36 planks

Burnt Orange, Ice Blue

Orange and blue are complementary colors and have always been a great combination. Freshen it up by deepening the orange and lightening up the blue. That way no one color is overwhelming or underwhelming.

White, gray, cobalt, or teal also pair well with this combo. Try a blue subway tile or mosaic tile. High gloss finishes lighten the blue even more and provides a bright texture as a visual break from the richness of the burnt orange.

Slimlite Slate in Copper on the fireplace


Ivory, Copper

If you are looking for a luxurious color combo for a traditional or old-world style design, ivory and copper are ideal. Both colors are warm and earthy and hint at the rustic. However, these colors can also be dressed up to feel more modern.

A bright white and some stainless steel accents modernize the look. Wood and iron add more rustic charm.

Red, White, Blue

Another classic that you just can’t go wrong with—red, white, and blue—are a primary color combo that is always fresh. You can make it a bit rustic by selecting deeper shades like navy. Or you can modernize it with vibrant, bright color.

It’s such a basic color scheme that almost anything goes with it. You can easily add, gray, silver, bronze, copper, or green.

Black, White

There’s nothing more classic than black and white. It’s been a favorite since the 1950s when tile made it possible to get creative with this scheme. While you can still have a checkered floor and high-gloss white subway tile, there are a lot more options available.

Black colored tile comes in matte and semi-gloss finishes which soften it a bit and make it less stark. You can also look to black stone, like granite, to add a natural feel to the scheme. Likewise, white comes in different finishes and stones, like marble, travertine, and quartz. There are multiple shades of white that combine well with black if you want to temper this favorite color scheme.

Single Colors for a Pop

If you already have a great color scheme going and just want to add a little pop of interest, there are several colors you should consider.


It goes with everything and can define and harmonize a room when used correctly. Designers urge you never to be afraid of black. Observe the rule of three and try to bring black into three different parts of the room with different elements to blend it into its surroundings.


Though it’s a color of the now, it’s easy to see coral sticking around for a while. It’s like the brighter, lighter sister to burnt orange. It can’t quite decide if it’s orange or pink which only serves to give you more flexibility. Use it as an accessory in throw pillows, accent walls, and art.


This lovely light green is another popular color in recent years, but unlike other trendy colors, it is light enough and impartial enough to become a part of the neutral palette. Go ahead and let loose a bit because you don’t have to limit this color to an accent.

Dove Gray

Gray is all the rage right now, but there is something wonderful about this particular, barely-there shade that makes it a winner. It can stand in for white in any color scheme and works with both warm and cool palettes.


A conversation about color is not complete until taupe enters the scene. It is a lovely mix of brown and gray and is ultra-popular because it can blend these two tones effortlessly. It isn’t impossible to add gray to a brown room when taupe is used as a base or heavy accent color.


Gather all your paint chips and samples around you and get ready to have a little fun with color.

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