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Minimalist Kitchens

Posted by Daltile Team on Mar 26, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Less may be more, but that doesn’t also imply that minimalism takes less planning, thought, or care. In fact, it probably takes more. It certainly delivers more.

Forest Park in Timberland on the floor with Rittenhouse Square in White on backsplash and marble in Carrara Gioia on countertops

Instead of thinking of minimalism as simplicity, think of it as the lack of excess or a return to the tried and true basics. Minimalism invites purpose and functionality—both things you want for your kitchen—so read on to learn more about how to get the maximum from minimalist kitchens.

Here are six concepts to keep in mind as you design with a minimalist mindset:


Use of space is a foundation principle of minimalism. Minimalists want every element of the room to have sufficient breathing space. That doesn’t mean you have to have lots of white space, so to speak. It just means that your kitchen shouldn’t feel crowded. Don’t cram those extra bar stools in if you know it will probably interrupt the flow of traffic.


Harmony in design comes from an organized space. You don’t want your room design to cause stress, no matter how subconscious. Make a floor plan on a grid and it will quickly become apparent if you’ve created a harmonious, organized room. Keep your island in proportion to the size of your kitchen so you can maximize your countertop work space and increase the space for movement around the kitchen.


Black and white is the go-to minimalist scheme, but there are lots of ways to employ contrast in your kitchen. Two opposing colors, large and small elements, and opposite finishes all work to give your space simple but impactful design. Dark granite countertops and white cabinets are a good foundation for minimalism. Or go with monochromatic colors and try highly textured surfaces next to smooth, glossy surfaces.

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Minimalism doesn’t mean that you can’t have accent pieces in your design. You just need to limit your accent pieces. Go ahead and spring for the bright colored, mid-century style bar stools, but keep everything else neutral. You’ll lose your minimalist vibe if you try to add too many visually dominant items. Just one is plenty for your kitchen.

High Quality

Simplicity doesn’t spell cheap. You can have a streamlined design with high-end products. In fact it’s probably preferred. The quality you choose will influence the feeling of your kitchen and that is one of the underlying factors in minimalism. Try natural stone or wood in your kitchen to add a sense of quality.


Pick design and accents that are fairly simple. Craftsman style, hand-turned table legs are lovely, but not very minimalistic. You’ll probably want clean lines and straightforward design in your furnishings and materials in your kitchen.

Choose with care. Design with purpose. That’s the bottom line in minimalism. Make your kitchen a productive and relaxing place to be with a minimum that can define your style.

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