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Meet the Daltile Interns

Posted by Daltile Team on Jun 24, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Summer Programs for Students

Interns visit the Dallas design studio
Summer 2017 Interns visit the Daltile Design Studio in Dallas

Education is important, but there’s nothing quite like life experience. At Daltile, students are getting both. Students in the Dallas area and nationwide get the chance to learn what their future careers might be like on site at Daltile’s Dallas headquarters.

Daltile offers three programs for students. First, we participate in the Dallas Mayor’s Internship Program where high school students in the Dallas area attend a mayoral career fair. At the fair, students interview with companies and if selected, attend business workshops and apply as interns to a company that wishes to “hire” them.

The college intern program also starts at career fairs and hires interns for the summer. Sometimes students who have participated in the Mayor’s Internship Program come back to interview as college students for the college program.

Lastly, Daltile has partnered with private high school, Cristo Rey, in Dallas to bring in high school students during the school year. Interns work one day a week throughout the school year and Daltile pays their tuition.Daltile employee fields questions from enthusiastic interns

“These programs are important to Daltile because they provide new talent. The interns come in with new, fresh ideas that can sometimes change the way we work. The interns will look at something from a different perspective that will then, in turn, provide a better or more efficient way of working,” said Misty Ledbetter, director of the educational programs at Daltile.

Gabriela Rivero, senior at the University of Texas—Dallas, has been an intern at Daltile for the last four summers. She’s been working in the human resources department with Misty Ledbetter to expand the college recruitment program. “One of the most memorable things I have learned at Daltile is just how important having a good culture is to a company. Without a good culture, it is very difficult to retain talent. Daltile’s culture is very welcoming and is one of the main reasons why I keep coming back as an intern,” said Rivero.

Ameerah Azeez-Bello, a high school student at the School of Science & Engineering at Townview Magnet Center in Dallas, is a first-time intern and has been spending her summer handling paperwork for new hires. Among the background checks and drug tests, she notes that she has learned a lot already. She said, “I look forward to the next few months here because I know I will learn so much more. I would most definitely recommend the intern program here at Daltile because it is such an amazing environment and I know the lessons learned here will last a lifetime.”Interns go downtown for the Mayor's career fair

Elliot Valencia recently graduated Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas, and will continue at the University of Chicago in the fall. He is assisting the stone team for the second year in a row and has worked with another department a summer previous to that—so three summers overall. “If not for my summers as an intern here, I would not be as skilled and prepared as I am for college,” Valencia said.

At the end of the summer Daltile hosts an intern expo that “not only lets the interns showcase their summer projects, but it also lets them interact and network with everyone in the company,” said Ledbetter. “The interns are able to see how much their contribution truly means to Daltile.”

Thanks interns! We really do appreciate all you do!

To learn more about intern programs visit Openings for interns are posted in the fall.

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