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Marble Flooring Ideas for Any Room

Posted by Daltile Team on Feb 7, 2017 10:39:07 AM

DTN_Marble_RES_01_FirstSnowElegance3.jpgMarble in First Snow Elegance on floor, walls, and shower

Marble flooring is far more versatile than you'd imagine. While it's often associated with swanky living rooms and bathrooms, it's a design workhorse that also fits powerfully in the dining room, bedroom, family room, and beyond. The material is timeless and has been used in design for centuries. There's only one thing to remember with marble—less is more. Use it in small doses to create big design statements. Here are some inspirational ideas.

Add Drama to the Bedroom

A bedroom is an awesome place for marble—your surroundings will inspire you on how to use it as a floor. For instance, if your bedroom has a beach theme, consider using white stacked stone on the main wall with matching marble on the floor. Keep the white theme going with sheer gauzy curtains and matching white bedding. To bring a little unexpected color into the space, throw in a turquoise pillow. And to add texture, incorporate an area rug that's creamy faux fur or covered in a brocade pattern with a tassel trim. Anchor the design with gray-colored footstools, borrowing hues from the dark crevices in the stacked stone.

If you're designing a guest room, start with a marble floor as your base. Above it, feature two identical white twin beds for a sophisticated but cozy look. Deepen the room with a light-blue oriental wallpaper and folded emerald green blankets on the ends of both beds for texture. Finish the look with silver and turquoise pillows.

Define Communal Spaces

Stacked stone and marble flooring can also work well together to create a striking entryway. Start with a cream-colored stacked stone wall that frames free-floating stairs. Then complete the room with visually interesting marble flooring like polished China Black, St. Laurent Oriental, or Empress Green from the Marble Collection. Keep the drama and shine going with a white sofa and black glossy coffee table.

marble_mosaic_vanity.jpgMarble in Stone a' la Mod in Contempo White on the backsplash and wall

The dining room is another space that can benefit from marble floors. This room is typically centered around a table and chairs, so the wall and floor designs and materials can either visually expand or narrow the space. White Carrara tile can make the room seem bigger than it is, while darker tile will make the room appear smaller and cozier.

Use It in the Kitchen

Marble flooring is always at home in a kitchen—it's a classic stone for spaces that are dedicated to cooking and entertaining. For a retro-style kitchen, consider a backsplash that features a black-and-white marble pattern behind a stainless steel sink. And another way to create contrast in an all-white kitchen is by using white tile in different shapes. For example, First Snow Elegance Wave Mosaic makes for a whimsical backsplash in a kitchen. Opt for a gray grout to make the tiles really pop. Pair your new backsplash with a black-and-white checkerboard pattern on the floor for a vintage feel.

Liven Up the Rest of the House

Even your laundry room can become sophisticated with the addition of marble. Use black marble tile on the floor and create contrast with gray countertops and white appliances. Then install a white farmhouse sink and a glass cupboard to store detergents. Finally, add a decorative element to the floor with a textured creamy throw rug.

Consider giving your bathroom a face-lift with white marble as well. You can add depth to a small, narrow space by adding the streamlined, airy look of white marble to the shower stall and backsplash. Then install an all-white sink with matching cabinetry for a seamless look, and warm up the room with plush white towels and stainless steel hardware and plumbing.

To find the ideal marble flooring for any room, visit your nearest Daltile showroom or slab yard today.

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