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Making Monochromatic Work for Your Bathroom Remodel

Posted by Daltile Team on Dec 29, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Gallery porcelain tile in a grid pattern.

The word monochromatic conjures up one of two responses: boring or overwhelming. While a room full of red might not be your cup of tea, monochromatic is anything but boring or overwhelming when done tastefully.

Playing with different shades, tints, textures, and shapes in a single color can turn your kitchen or bathroom remodel into a work of art. Hone your eyes to see the possibilities and fall in love with your kitchen or bathroom all over again.


Monochromatic Harmony

Fashion Accents tile detailing on the backsplash.

Using one color doesn’t mean that everything is the same color. All white becomes sterile and all red, overpowering. Differing shades and tints of a single color are the foundation of a monochromatic color scheme.

Love gray for the bathroom? You can incorporate everything from a soft gray to a metallic gun metal and still enjoy the harmony of one basic color.

Select the color you want for your new bathroom and come up with a range of shades (darker) and tints (lighter) you can use throughout the room. Monochromatic harmony eliminates the boredom or harshness but gives you the freedom that comes with designing with one color.


Texture, Shape, and Pattern

San Michele porcelain tile in 12 x 24 field tile on the wall and 12 x 12 on the floor.

Adding some texture or patterns to your monochromatic bathroom can add interest and keep the room from becoming too sterile. Likewise, different shapes can distinguish a bathroom of a single color.

Varying the layout of tiles of the same color—diagonal layout on the floor and horizontal layout on the wall—distinguishes the wall from the floor. Adding an accent tile strip with texture helps ground the room so you don’t get lost in a sea of gray.

Several different shaped tiles—square, vertical rectangle, and horizontal rectangle—further define a monochromatic scheme.


Accent Colors or Incidentals

Gallery porcelain tile in Blue and White in a grid pattern on the wall.

Once you get good at developing monochromatic schemes, you may notice that so much gray in your bathroom needs a pop of color here and there. The difference helps you appreciate both the accent and the purposeful use of a single color throughout the room.

Add a colored tile accent, an attention grabbing mosaic, or complementary design to your monochromatic scheme to give the room a feeling of completion.

Even a commercial style bathroom can benefit from a pop of color in an otherwise basic scheme.  You can also add interest with incidental pieces of furniture, décor, or an entire accent wall in an unexpected tile color or pattern.

Monochromatic schemes are stylish and appealing when you add a little creativity to the mix. Tell us how you used a monochromatic scheme to remodel your bathroom or kitchen.



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