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Posted by Daltile Team on Mar 16, 2016 10:30:00 AM

Glass Mosaics in Cuernavaca

Working Green Tile Into Your Design (Part 2 Go Green! Series)

Despite what Kermit the Frog said, it is easy to be green. The color green has the benefit of being vibrant or subdued and fitting in like a neutral either way. It plays well with other colors for a balanced color scheme. It’s a superstar color that you should consider working into your design. Here are some ideas on how to use this flexible hue.

Pick the Right Green

Bright greens like lime or green apple make great accent colors. Mellow greens like olive or khaki make fabulous backdrops. But beyond where you use green, think about how all these different greens affect the mood.

Light greens like mint or spring green lend a clean, fresh atmosphere. Darker greens give a moody and refined feel. Dusty greens like sage or pistachio can feel calming and centered. Select green based on the feeling you would like the room to have.

Not only is green tile great for your design, it’s also good for the environment. 97% of our tile is made with pre-consumer recycled materials. Learn more about our commitment to being green.
Combine Green with Other Colors

Combining green with other colors is pretty simple—it works well with most other colors. Blue with green has a fluid and calming feeling like water. They are close to each other on the color wheel so they blend well but can also stand on their own. Together they are pleasant to the eye and make a winning combination in many different styles.

Green with beige grounds the design in an earthy, organic feel. This is another set of colors that blend well. They are easy on the eye and always look right together. Humans are used to looking at brown and green together—they are the most common colors found in nature. Play with different shades until you find the right combination for your space.

White and green is fresh and bright and outdoorsy. If you love simple, light-filled design, this is the perfect choice. No matter what shade of green you go with, this combination seems to enlighten the space.Top to bottom: granite in Secret Garden, Caprice in Whisper Green, Elemental Glass in Shamrock, Natural Hues in Honey Dew

The high contrast of purple and green is modern and forward but should be used carefully so as not to overwhelm the room. Colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel like purple and green provide plenty of interest when used in a design. They make it feel contemporary and bold, but should be used with discretion so as to not visually take over the room.

Green Tile

Lucky for you, there is plenty of green tile to choose from in a many shades. Get classic 4 x 4 glossy ceramic tile from the Natural Hues series. Or think about a flashy green glass mosaic for the backsplash with Glass Mosaics or Elemental Glass.

Green is naturally occurring in stone so you have several options in marble, slate, and granite to choose from for floors and countertops. For deeper greens check out granite and marble. Slate offers a lighter, spring green mixed with brown that is very distinguished and refreshing.

Think about adding green as an accent with decorative tiles in textures and patterns that pop. Glass Pebbles gives you a splash of green in a natural texture and visual. Opulance, Serenade, and Caprice are all linear mosaics with different mosaic aesthetics. Showscape is a vivid green with visual patterns that catch the eye.


Join us tomorrow for the next installment in our Go Green! series Or catch up on previous green posts.

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