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5 Reasons You’ll Love Large Format Tile

Posted by Daltile Team on Dec 8, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Ambassador in Jet-Setter Dusk 24 x 48

“Large format” is just another way of saying great big tile. We’re talking 24 x 24, 24 x 48 and even bigger! There are lots of reasons to love big tiles. Here are just five.

1.    Planks!

The technology that made large format tiles possible also made plank tile possible. Those long slim wood-look planks took tile with a wood grain visual to the next level. Now your tile floor can look more like real hardwood than ever before.

2.    Less Grout!

Inspired by fine-grained quartzite of the Swiss Alps, Daltile’s new stone-look tile, Ambassador, brings high-end style to commercial and residential spaces. The mono-directional grain on this porcelain tile almost requires a large format tile to do it justice.

You can fully take in the beauty and the real stone look of this tile when you see the gigantic 24 x 48 size. It is also available in 24 x 24 and 12 x 24. A random linear mosaic rounds out the series.

Finishes in light polished and unpolished give the tile a rustic and enduring look that is suitable for everything from an attorney’s office to the Empire State Building.

Larger tiles mean less grout. The fewer joints you have, the more continuous the look on your floor or wall. Some large format tiles even have rectified edges, which means that each edge is cut precisely, allowing you to have minimal joints (3/16 of an inch).

3.    Room Looks Bigger!

If you’ve been avoiding putting larger tile in your bathroom, stop! Large tile can make a room seem bigger than it is. Large tile has fewer joints, which  migh visually break up a room and draw out its smaller dimensions. Take proportion into account so you can balance the size of the room with the size of the tile, but don't feel like you have to stick to tiny tile.

4.    Better Visuals!

Large tile gives tile designers more space to work their magic. The result is stone-looks that appear more realistic than most tile can achieve. The larger, uninterrupted surface lets the veining and grain of a stone-look continue much further than a 12 x 12 or even a 24 x 24 can allow. The result is a more realistic looking tile.

5.    Professional Finish!

Installing large format tile does require a professional’s touch. Because of the size, a specific procedure must be followed in order to avoid lippage (the edges of the tile popping up above the even surface). If not installed correctly, you’ll end up with an uneven floor and perhaps even breakage. Find a qualified installer to do the work; many are certified through the NTCA.

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