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Kitchen Islands for Socializing

Posted by Daltile Team on Nov 20, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Quartzite in Crystallize on island countertop

The kitchen is far more than a place to cook. It is a gathering place. Whether you’re busy with the kids’ homework after school or a Saturday night dinner party, the right kitchen island can make a big difference in the feel and functionality of your kitchen.

Here are a few unique kitchen island ideas that let you enjoy your friends while you cook or help your child through that difficult story problem while you make dinner.

More than One

If one island is a good thing, then more than one is a great thing. No one ever complained about having too much counter space.
Multiple islands are preferable to one large one because you can access the space better with a smaller island. Two fully accessible islands give you lots of prep and storage space to work with.

Built-insBeehive in Grey 24 x 20 on the floor

Get creative with how you use the space of the island. Storage is the go-to design for under the island, but you’re not limited to storage. You could put in an oven, wine refrigerator, or bookcase.

On top of the island include a cooktop and sink plus any other appliances you use consistently. Design your island to be your primary work space and you’ll have everything you need all in one space. That way, you’re not buzzing all over the kitchen trying to manage everything.

Island with Seating

A large island can double as a bar with seating for guests to enjoy your company while you cook. It’s a great place for eat-in meals like a quick breakfast before taking the kids to school or a Friday night pizza party with the family.


The round island is perfect for a social kitchen. It puts you right at the center and everyone around you so you don’t miss a thing. Though it can take up a lot of kitchen real estate, a circular island is well worth it if you want to be able to multi-task socializing and cooking.

Mobile Island

Instead of building in an island, opt for one you can roll away or move. This gives you the option to make more room in the kitchen when you need it. You can also reconfigure the island to streamline your current entertaining venture. A stainless steel worktable makes a great island. It also doubles as a buffet table when needed.


Smart Style

Some island designs include gorgeous turned legs that make the island feel more like an independent piece of furniture. However, anytime things stick out into the room, it’s a recipe for stubbed toes and bruised hips. Though you love the style, having straight corners and edges ensures that you are using your space wisely and aiding the traffic flow.

Offset Heights

A bar on the island that is higher than the workspace separates the two spaces without separating you from your friends and family. It also protects guests from any spills that may occur.


Outfit your island with Datile’s quality stone countertops. Whatever your design, whatever your need, Daltile has the perfect fit for you.

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