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Kitchen Countertops: How to Work New Countertops into an Existing Design

Posted by Daltile Team on Oct 25, 2016 10:30:00 PM

Working new kitchen countertops into an existing design is easier than you may think. In this situation, contrast is fine—sometimes even preferred—if you're after visual energy or drama. There are also ways to work new counters into minimalist or monochromatic designs, and the art of blending plays a key role here. Here are some tips to help you add a new countertop to your current kitchen design.

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Work around Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets consume a lot of visual space, and typically control a lot of a room's design. If your kitchen countertops are in good condition and you like the way they look, you can simply add new, coordinating countertops. If they're dated, but sturdy, you can easily paint them white for a bright, fresh, and more agreeable look. If you pair white—or light wood—cabinets with pale countertops, you'll end up with a visually mellow design. On the other hand, pairing dark gray, sleek black, or richly colored wood cabinets with glossy dark countertops lends a smoky, modern edge to the design.

Make Sure Your Countertops and Floors Relate

When you're choosing new countertops for an existing design, avoid materials that look too similar to the flooring that's already in place. Instead, go with a material or shade that complements the floor, and use similar shades to pull the two materials together. For instance, pairing dark countertops with dark cabinets makes visual sense when the flooring and backsplash have echoes of dark neutrals too. If you're working with a light-colored floor, however, link it to a countertop with similar highlights and sandwich dark cabinets in between. Gleaming white counters against a dark floor can be classic if you love the high-contrast look.

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Choose the Right Paint and Accessories

When you make a substantial change, such as with new kitchen countertops, it's an ideal time to make a few other relatively easy updates with fresh paint and new accessories. For instance, if you're after a snappy design, you can jazz up a monochromatic scheme with a vivid wall color or bright accessories. On the other hand, you can retain an executive vibe by pairing rich, dark fixtures with pale tan, silvery gray, or gray-brown walls, and contrasting white accent pieces.

Adding new countertops to your kitchen is an easy way to give the entire room a face-lift. Start with these tips to make sure your new countertop material meshes well with your existing design. When you're ready to choose the perfect material, head to your local Daltile showroom or slab yard for a close-up view of the latest options.


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