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Instant Plank Wall--No Distressing Required

Posted by Daltile Team on Jun 24, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Plank Walls Using Wood-Look Tile

Season Wood in Winter Spruce

There are many ways to get a plank wall that’ll give your kitchen that rustic-chic sensibility: plywood, tongue-and groove, reclaimed barnwood, pallets, etc. But why not consider using wood-look tile? It's doesn't require the extra work of many other materials like sanding, staining, or distressing.

Here are a few more benefits of tile that you can’t get with those other materials.

1.    Wood tile (usually porcelain) comes in wide planks of varying length.

Most tile planks come in widths from 6–9 inches and lengths from 24–42 inches. You can also custom cut them to fit your wall. These in-demand sizes can be hard to come by unless you cut the wood yourself. With tile, the wide plank is standard, which makes your job much easier.

2.    Gaps between planks don’t invite unwelcome guests.

The natural gaps between planks can become places for dirt and other unwelcome guests to take up residence. The nice thing about tile is that you can still have the gaps but you sea them off with grout. It’s one solid covering that seals and protects the wall.Season Wood in Orchard Gray

3.    Tile takes away the worry of warp.

A plank wall in the bathroom or as a backsplash in the kitchen may be considered a bit insane what with the exposure to water, spaghetti sauce splashes, and steam. But tile takes most of that that away. It’s water resistant and, if installed properly, won’t warp.

4.    Wood-Look tile is low-maintenance and easy to clean.

While wood might need occasional repainting and can be very difficult to clean, tile is none of that. Even the worst stains come right off tile with warm water and mild soap. No need to resurface or even seal it. The only thing that might need some maintenance occasionally is the grout.

5.    Reclaimed wood-look tile is realistic and durable.

You might have to carefully guard a reclaimed wood plank wall especially if the wood has special meaning to you. Tile is definitely more durable than wood. Some plank wall owners even call it “bulletproof”.

Not only that, but it also looks believable. Most guests to your home will have to take a closer look before the notice it’s not wood. The imaging technology that produces the tile provides varied visuals, and texture that looks like a historic piece of wood. Plus it beats all the work of distressing new wood yourself.

6.    So many colors to choose from!

Admit it; it’s difficult to get that beautiful distressed gray or white wood. Wood-look tile colors include both traditional stained wood colors and the distressed grays, whites, and aged paint looks you want. So put down the chemicals and spare your hands from the work of manually distressing wood to get the perfect color.

 Season Wood in Winter Spruce

Install a tile plank wall so you can get all the benefits of porcelain without sacrificing the style you want for your home.

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