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Indoor Pool or Outdoor Pool? That is the Question

Posted by Daltile Team on Jun 23, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Carrara White 12 x 12 on the wall with Botticino tumbled stone 1 x 12 pencil rail and Luna Pear granite 12 x 12 on the floor.

 Putting in a pool is a big deal. If you’re going to make that kind of investment, do it right the first time. Do you want it out under the big blue sky with plenty of sunshine? Or do you want it enclosed so you can enjoy it year round?

Both can be the center of your summer fun. Both are perfect for exercise. Both are great places to unwind on blistering August afternoons. But there’s plenty to make them different from each other too.

Here are a few pros and cons of each to help you make a decision that you won’t regret.

Indoor Pools

Pros                                                             Cons
  • It’s easier to keep an indoor pool clean because they are sheltered from leaves, dirt, and insects. That means more time playing and less time skimming.

  • You can go for a swim even if a storm is coming in. You’re plans aren’t dependent on the weather.

  • Take a dip anytime of the day or night, any day of the year. High pollen count outside or mid-day UV rays won’t dictate pool time.
  • Not traditional. The sun is blocked. And a poolside bar-b-que isn’t quite the same in an enclosed area.

  • Upfront cost is more than an outdoor pool. Costs may stay higher if you decide to heat the room your pool is in.

  • Condensation, heat, and humidity in the pool room can be difficult to combat and requires proper ventilation to overcome.


Keystones in Storm Blend 1 x 1 on the floor with Color Scheme in Arctic White 12 x 12.

Outdoor Pools

Pros                                                             Cons
  • The poolside party is the perfect social event. People can spread out all over the pool, deck, and yard but still be in the same space—the great outdoors.

  • It isn’t a pool unless you can soak up plenty of sun.

  • Outdoor pools are usually cheaper than indoor, especially if you choose an above-ground pool or stick to a basic design.
  • Outdoor pools may be cheaper, however, a customized in-ground pool encrusted with gorgeous glass mosaic tile, water features, a hot tub, and landscaping really has no ceiling.

  • Outdoor pools are subject to every leaf passing by on the wind and collect bugs attracted to the underwater lights. That’s lots of time cleaning instead of enjoying your pool.

  • You have to get out of the pool if you even so much as see a flash of lightning. The weather will determine pool time.


Ever in Rock 12 x 24 on the pool deck.

Fence-Sitter Pools

If you like the positive features of both types of pools and can’t decide, why not take the best of both worlds? Go for a glass wall or build a pool house with a retractable wall or two.

Pros                                                             Cons
  • You get protection from the elements when you need it but don’t sacrifice the space or view to a permanent enclosure.

  • Year-round pool enjoyment (depending on the type of enclosure you have).
  • There aren’t many downsides to this type of pool. Especially the fact that you don’t have to make the tough choice between the two.

Whatever you decide to do, always take a look at Daltile’s line up of tile for the pool and spa. The quality and style suits every pool—whether it’s indoors or out.

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