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Incorporating Decorative Tiles in Your New Backsplash

Posted by Daltile Team on Feb 14, 2017 10:30:00 AM

DT_IonMetal_RES_01_CU04.jpgIon Metal in Oil Rubbed Bronze 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 Rope deco with 1 x 1 tumbled slate on the backsplash

A backsplash blends both form and function, and often serves as the focal point of a kitchen, bathroom, or bar area. If you'd like to go the extra mile and turn your backsplash into a more dramatic design element, try incorporating decorative tiles. With so many new styles to choose from, the patterns and color choices are nearly limitless. Keep reading for some inspirational ideas.

Frame Your Design

Decorative tiles can be used to frame an area of your backsplash and highlight the beauty of your kitchen. If the patterns or bright colors of a decorative tile appear to overwhelm a larger backsplash area, you can easily create a smaller, framed area within the larger space. Try creating a border around the wall space above your cooktop, or between the cooktop and the hood, in order to draw the eye to this part of your kitchen. Using smaller tiles and complementary colors, you can vary the pattern of your backsplash and direct attention to the framed space.

Dress up a Neutral Pattern

If you prefer a more neutral look, incorporating decorative tiles will serve as a beautiful enhancement. Dress up your neutral backsplash with a textured or patterned tile that fits into the overall design. For example, the Metal Signatures line adds depth and weight to any neutral backsplash design without necessarily using bright colors.

Add Varied Texture

If you've chosen an all-white kitchen but worry that the look will come across as too stark or flat, try using decorative tiles to brighten up the backsplash. You can incorporate a varied texture by choosing a mixed stone and glass mosaic—Slate Radiance offers the perfect blend. The modern designs are available in a variety of linear or traditional square shapes, so choose the mosaic style that fits best with your design.

Incorporate Sparkle and Shine

In addition to their unique textures, glass and metallic tiles have distinctive characteristics that make them worth considerating for your design. The rich look of decorative metals can add shine to a backsplash and a finishing touch that takes your design from basic to beautiful. Glass tiles reflect light, and their translucent appearance is unmatched. One excellent choice is the Elemental Glass line, which features bright glass mosaics that come in a range of color options to beautify your backsplash.

Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which style works best in your kitchen. You may want to place glass, metallic, and traditional ceramic wall tile samples along your backsplash. Observe how each material reacts to the light in your kitchen and blends with your decor. Using an online design visualizer can also give you a feel for which decorative tiles will enhance your kitchen's style.

Decorative tiles are an easy way to add style to your kitchen without making large shifts in your overall design scheme. When you're ready to redo your backsplash, don't forget to stop by a Daltile design center and check out the latest tile options.

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