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How to Make Mosaic Tile Fit in Your Budget

Posted by Daltile Team on Aug 12, 2015 8:30:00 PM

Polaris in Almond 6 x 8 field tile with City Lights in Hollywood 1/2 x 1/2 mosaic.

Right in the middle of your remodel, it suddenly occurs to you that you want to add mosaic tile to your backsplash. But your contractor warns you that changing your mind at this point in the game will cost you a pretty penny.

Mosaic tile on your backsplash can give your space a touch of personality and even luxury. But if you didn’t budget it, don’t worry. Here are a few tricks to get the beauty of mosaic without altering your plan completely.

Cristallo Glass in Smoky Topaz 4 x 4 field tile with Coastal Keystones in Coconut Beach 1 x 1 mosaic.

Cut Blocks of Mosaic to make it Go Further

If you found the perfect mosaic tile but were surprised at how much it might add to your budget; it’s time to get creative. Most mosaics come in pre-assembled one-foot-square blocks with mesh backing.

The idea with the mesh backing is to make installation a bit easier, but you are going to take it beyond that: grab your scissors and start cutting. Turn that 12 x 12 inch block into three 4 x 12 strips. Select another tile, like a field tile at a lower price point and combine the two for a design all your own.

You’ll still have the stunning mosaic you wanted but won’t hurt your budget too much. Your friends will ooohh and aaahh at your custom-look tile backsplash and you’ll be the only one who knows about your budget stretching secret.

The image above combines a basic wall tile, Polaris™ in Almond, with attention-grabbing mosaic, City Lights™ in Hollywood. The designer included a 4 x 4 diamond in the center of four white tiles for some extra style.

Marble in Baja Cream 6 x 6 field tile with Urban Metals in Bronze 1 x 2 in a brick joint mosaic.

Go for a Look-Alike Tile

When you really want a marble or limestone mosaic but know that it would make the budget implode, check out a look-alike tile. Cutting-edge technology provides tile that looks just like fabric, wood, and stone in ceramic and porcelain materials, which spares your budget.

Try a slate-look tile or sea glass-look tile to complete your backsplash look. Pebbles that look like a river bottom can add a rustic touch to your space and keep you on budget. Look-alike tiles also mimic materials like metal, semi-precious stones, and mother-of-pearl. You can get a luxurious look with a special tile finish and skip the cost of the authentic luxury.

Caprice in Vanilla Blend

Try a Different Material

Mosaics are made out of all kinds of things today including, metal, glass, stone, and classic ceramic. If your first pick tile is out of the budget, besides looking at look-alike tiles, consider looking at a different material. You may think glass tile backsplash isn’t for you, but have you seen the recent developments in glass tile?

The options for glass tile are getting broader with each season. Transparent glass tiles allow you to have interesting patterns and colors at the back of the tile and a layer of clear glass on the front that reflects light and adds a little elegance to your design.  Or think about the textures of raku ware in a crackly glass tile on your backsplash.

Check out light-weight metal mosaics that add a hint of metallic that you just can’t get with anything else.  You also might love a tile that is larger than the traditional 1 x 1 or a different shape than the classic square. Linear, rectangular, diamond, hexagon, chevrons, triangles, and raindrops are all out-of-the-ordinary choices for mosaic that glide seamlessly into your budget.


Go ahead and change your mind. With these creative ideas you can get the mosaic tile you want without blowing the budget.

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