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Goldilocks' Guide to Transforming Your Kitchen

Posted by Daltile Team on Apr 22, 2015 6:00:00 AM

Three Stories of Making the Most of It

It took Goldilocks three tries to find a chair that was just right. The lesson? Sometimes little things make a big difference.

For instance, you don’t have to remodel the entire space to feel like you’re getting a whole new kitchen.  Here are some stories of how simple things like getting new floor tile can make your kitchen feel brand new.

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Goldilocks Finds Something That’s Just Right

Finding the perfect material can seem like the trial and error Goldilocks endured before finding the perfect bowl of mush, but it’s not as difficult as it seems. When you add new elemetns to existing elements it can present some unique problems. Here are a few solutions.

If you already have a mostly matte finish kitchen but really want to introduce some high-gloss granite countertop? No problem. Find a way to connect the two opposites by finding their similarities. High-gloss doesn’t have to look out of place if the color or patterns match. A rustic wood floor looks great with a brown colored granite countertop even if their finishes are different.

Want wood flooring but worried that it’ll be too much with your wood cabinetry? Try painting your cabinets and installing wood tile. It’s available in several types of finishes and styles to bridge the gaps between your old kitchen and the new one.

Don’t be afraid to let the new elements stand out. While you need to create some harmony between the new and the old, it’s ok to let the new granite countertop on your island be the center of attention in your kitchen.

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The Three Little Pigs and their Big, Bad Storage Problem

If you lack the kitchen storage you need but feel like your kitchen will lose all sense of style if you add any more, don’t resort to blowing your house down and starting over. Some of the best designers out there find ways to increase storage and appeal in the space you already have. Here’s how:

Install shorter cabinets on the wall above some of your counter space. You'll maintain prep space while getting some storage in an area of the kitchen that can abide some more cabinetry.

Use open and closed storage throughout the kitchen. Open shelving has no doors and doesn’t go all the way to the floor which makes the space feel less crowded. You’ll still have the storage, but it will seem more decorative than functional.

Go for bigger storage that will make the most of the space you have in the kitchen. Don’t waste any space in the kitchen. Opt for big drawers instead of small knife drawers that just end up collecting junk and wasting space.

Make use of the corners for storage. Even though it seems like a hopeless space, with a little creativity, the corners give you lots of storage. Look into corner shelving with pull-out shelves for easy accessibility.


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The Princess and the Pantry

Kissing a frog may seem like pretty nasty business, but it didn’t turn out too bad for the princess. The same goes for your kitchen. When you learn to think about existing features of your kitchen a little differently, you may find them transformed before your eyes.

Stop thinking of the pantry as a storage space only. Pantries are good for all sorts of things. Embrace the idea of the butler's pantry. Think about putting appliances--like your mixer, oven, or wine cooler--in the pantry. When you move appliances to the pantry, you change the workflow of your kitchen and free up room for other things like the cleaner design you wanted or some entertaining space.

Divide up the space in the kitchen to create designated areas. Think about the most common uses of your kitchen and let that guide your kitchen design. Maybe you could really use a separate coffee station that lets you get out the door quicker in the morning without getting in the way of your kids breakfast routine. Or maybe you want a separate wet bar for entertaining that doesn’t have to double as the food prep area.

 Transform a cabinet into a kitchen bookshelf—that way you can have your recipe books right at your fingertips.

Replacing your floor tile or other element in your kitchen may seem like a little thing but in the end, it can make a big difference—especially if you know how to make the most of it.

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