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How Long Will Your Remodel Take?

Posted by Daltile Team on May 28, 2015 6:00:00 AM

National Home Remodeling Month Series, Part 8

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Average Time from Research Through Construction

Are you ready to get started on your project? We know you’re worried about how long it will take so here it is: straight talk about your remodeling timeline.

Remodeling often takes longer than you want it to. You’re impatient for the new and improved space to be done so you can start enjoying it. But you can always count on hiccups in the process like support beams that need replacing or an underlayment that needs work.

So what’s a realistic schedule for completion? Let’s talk about the process in phases.

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Research Phase

From the moment you start seriously thinking about a renovation to the time you start ripping out walls is the longest leg of the process. Most redesign planning time takes up the better part of a year. Houzz surveyed 200,000 homeowners who had completed a remodel and found this:

  • Garage, patio, siding, and media room remodel plans took about 6 ½  months before construction started
  • Dining room, pool, bedroom, and living room remodel plans took about 7 months before construction started
  • Kitchen remodel plans took 8.3 months before construction started
  • Whole home remodel plans took 9.7 months before construction started

Time fluctuates based on the size of the space to be remodeled and the size of the budget. Additions of square footage add time to the schedule as well.  The age of the home also plays a part. Homes 25 years old and older always take longer than newer construction. Homes that are 50+ require even more in-depth renovations.

You can cut back on time a little by hiring a designer to help you through the research and decision-making process. A designer helps you overcome roadblocks like finding materials, negotiating decisions with your significant other, and creating a cohesive design. Designers also have contacts in the construction industry whom they trust so you can minimize unnecessary holdups.

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Building Phase

Once ground is broken on your project, the amount of time to completion varies depending on several elements:

  • Size of the space
  • Level of work to be done
  • Necessary upgrades
  • Holdups due to custom order items

Demolition is the quickest part of any project. You can gut your home in a weekend but after that, things slow down.

A kitchen or bathroom remodel takes anywhere from two to six months. Unplanned upgrades sometimes require you to get additional permits which can add up to a month to your timeline.

Why We Remodel

Houzz also asked its 200,000 survey takers about the motivations for their remodels. Here are the top five things they said.


Sticking to a realistic schedule can help you get your kitchen or bathroom back ASAP. When you plan adequately, you decrease not only the amount of time your remodel takes, but the hiccups along the way that add time to your project.

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