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How Ceramic Tile Holds Up in the Dead of Winter

Posted by Daltile Team on Dec 18, 2015 10:30:00 AM

Continental Slate porcelain tile in a grid pattern.

Once winter is well underway, you stop trying to rein in slushy snow boots and muddy paws. It's pretty much a lost cause. It's difficult to accept that wet footprints across the floor are going to be a thing until spring has sprung.

You don’t have to put up with all that slush and grime all winter. The right kind of floor that can live up to your wintertime demands will stand up to frequent wintertime cleaning. Ceramic tile flooring or porcelain tile offer you the durability that your family needs to get through the winter without sacrificing the floor.


Tile Stands Up to the Wet and Cold of Winter

Ever porcelain tile in a grid pattern.

Those leftover bits of snow from the most recent snowball fight may look cute now, but as soon as they melt they make puddles. Puddles are a problem for many different types of flooring. They warp wood, get absorbed by stone, and can cause a hazard.

Pick the right kind of tile and puddles won’t be your main concern after the kids come in from romping in the snow.

Some ceramic and porcelain tiles are rated for outdoor use in freezing temperatures and make great surfaces for your outdoor living area as well as your indoor area. Become familiar with the specifications of your tile in wet and cold conditions and follow manufacturer directions for proper installation.


Tile Stands Up to the Chemicals of Winter

Esta Villa porcelain tile in a grid pattern

Ice melt, salt, and other chemicals that get tracked in during the winter can do serious damage to your floors. On the other hand, tile does a great job repelling damage. It resists etching from harsh chemicals and is easy to clean up when those chemicals do make their way in.

Your grout is more susceptible to damage from chemicals than your tile is. Simply apply a sealer or wax to your grout and/or tile to protect your floor and you shouldn’t have to worry about it all winter.

If you find the sealer or floor wax has taken a beating over the winter, you can easily remove it with a tile sealer and adhesive remover. Apply a new coat for protection for the rest of the year.


Tile Stands Up to Multiple Cleanings

Industrial Park porcelain tile in a grid pattern.

Go ahead and clean your floor as much as you want. You can’t clean your tile floor too much. Simply clean your glazed porcelain or ceramic tile with an all-purpose household cleaner. Be sure that the cleaner can double as a safe grout cleaner for an all-in-one cleaning.

For unglazed tile or stone, employ a pH neutral cleaner. Use it in concentrated form to remove grease/oils and tough spills. Make sure this cleaner is appropriate for grout also. Test all cleaners in a small area before using them across the whole floor.


Overcoming Drawbacks

Cotto Contempo porcelain tile in a brickwork pattern.

As much as you love the durability of tile, maybe you aren’t excited about some of the drawbacks that come with it. The main complaint against tile, especially in the winter, is that it’s cold. Tile is made from natural substances which change with the temperature. Tile floors generally stay cool, which is great in the summer, but not so great in the winter. 

Luckily, tile is well suited to radiant heat. If you are working on a new home or a remodel, plan to install some in-floor radiant heat. It will warm up your tiles and keep little toes comfortable. Problem solved!


Ready to kick the wintertime grime out? Go with easy to clean, durable, beautiful ceramic or porcelain floors.


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